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: Wuxi NCE Power Co., Ltd. develops, manufactures, and distributes semiconductor power devices. The Company produces metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors, insulated gate bipolar translators, and other related products.
As the leading designer and supplier of high-power semiconductor device in China, NCE Power is committed to designing, manufacturing and selling various high-power semiconductor devices and power integrated devices, aiming to be the most valuable supplier of power devices and service for customers in the world. NCE Power is the first to provide Super Junction MOSFETs (SJ-MOSFET) in China, covering voltage from 600V to 900V, is the professional supplier with various kinds of Trench MOSFETs covering voltage from -150V to 250V;1350V (25A , 20A , 15A) IGBT by trench field stop technology are excellent in performance and reliability, applied in high end field. Taking advantage of our device technology and process integration experience, we closely cooperate with the first-class 8" wafer fab foundry, package plant and testing plant, which ensures high product quality, extremely stable electric parameters, continuous and stable supply.

NCE Power Distributor
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