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About New Japan Radio

: NJR Corporation/NJRC ("NJR", San Jose, CA) is the North American subsidiary of New Japan Radio Company ("NJRC", Tokyo, Japan) one of the world's largest producers of Bipolar and CMOS Linear ICs. New Japan Radio Company ("NJRC") was established in 1959 as a joint venture between Japan Radio Company ("JRC", Tokyo, Japan) and the Raytheon Company (Boston, MA, USA). JRC was established in 1915 and is known throughout the world as a pioneer in Radio and Wireless technology. NJRC has been providing semiconductor products and microwave components for over 40 years to Industrial and Consumer markets.

New Japan Radio Distributor
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New Japan Radio Components - Inventory

NJM13600D  NJM13600D NEW JAPAN RADIO NJM13600D Series 50 V/us Dual Operational Transconductance Amplifier - DIP-16  NEW JAPAN RADIO  6631
NJM13700M  NJM13700M NEW JAPAN RADIO NJM13700M Series 50 V/us Dual Operational Transconductance Amplifier - DMP-16  NEW JAPAN RADIO  3771
NJM2113D  NJM2113D NEW JAPAN RADIO NJM2113 Series 5 kHz 400 mW Through Hole Low Voltage Audio Power Amplifier DIP-8  NEW JAPAN RADIO  3500
NJM3517E2  NJM3517E2 NEW JAPAN RADIO NJM3517 Series 500 mA 5.25 V Stepper Motor Controller / Driver - EMP-16  NEW JAPAN RADIO  1013
NJM3770AD3  NJM3770AD3 NEW JAPAN RADIO NJM3770A Series 40 V 1.5 A Through Hole Stepper Motor Driver - DIP-16  NEW JAPAN RADIO  505
NJR4265RF3C1  NJR4265RF3C1 NEW JAPAN RADIO NJR4265R Series 6.5 V 24 GHz Microwave Intelligent Motion Sensor  NEW JAPAN RADIO  234
NJU39610FM2  NJU39610FM2 NEW JAPAN RADIO NJU39610 Series 7Bit Microstepping Motor Controller w/Dual D/A Converter-PLCC-28  NEW JAPAN RADIO  6984