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Noritake Itron

About Noritake Itron

: Founded in 1967 by Dr T Nakamura, the company has developed from being the first supplier of calculator VFD displays to the leading manufacturer of CIG driver VFD displays. It is a member of the Noritake group which specializes in ceramic based products within abrasives, chinaware, materials, furnaces and electronics applications.

In 2009 itron spotted the opportunity for smart, integrated display and touch modules in the industrial sector following their growing dominance and ultimate saturation of the telecoms market. The challenge was in enabling the existing microprocessor based display user to be able to drive such a complex sub-assembly. Taking years of experience in developing bespoke user interface solutions , itron has invested in developing their own operating system , iDevOS, to enable product designers the opportunity to upgrade to a much more complex user interface whilst maintaining their current microprocessor based core electronics. This is the essence of the latest itron iSmart range of intelligent TFT modules.

In 2009, UK Director Andy Stubbings laid down the basic concept of a new type of display module system. This combines communication and operating languages into a single object oriented language. This has been applied to TFT products where the demands for complex functionality requires a quick start capability for customers to develop their applications.

Noritake Itron VFD Modules:
High brightness - easy to read
Fast visual response - less than 12us
1,000,000 hour MTBF and up to 20 year life
Easy to combine graphics and multi-size fonts
Built in ASCII, European, Asian and user defined fonts
No compromose wide temperature range -40C to +85C
Parallel, RS232, Async and clock serial interfaces
OLED Displays:
OLED displays produce higher contrast images, have a wider viewing angle, faster response and are thinner and more lightweight compared to conventional displays.
iTouch TFT:
The iTouch TFT provides you with a rapid enclosure solution incorporating itron SMART TFTs + Italtronic enclosures.
Capacitive Touch Switches
High contrast VFD with Touch Switch:
8x2 capacitive touch switch on display, built-in touch controller
Multi touch, slide control - easy to use
High performance MCU on board
Various text and graphic commands, built-in international fonts

Noritake Itron Distributor
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