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About Ohmcraft

: Established in 1982, located in upstate NY, Ohmcraft is the leader in thick film, high voltage, high precision resistor design and manufacturing. Their expertise in high voltage resistors (over 40KV) and high value resistors (over 4 tera-ohms) enables designers to meet and exceed even the most challenging product specifications. The technology allows engineers to design resistors that are truly application specific resistors. Their proprietary Micropen technology produces superior technical performance in surface mount, leaded flat resistors, dividers, and networks. Ohmcraft have the ability to write resistors on irregular shaped objects and substrates. These resistors also provide industry leading performance in high voltage, precision, TCR and TCR tracking, VCR and VCR tracking, low noise, stability, and pulse-withstanding capability.

Ohmcraft proudly takes credit for Micropen technology, used to develop the most stable resistors possible. Constantly seeking improvement, Ohmcraft is a force to be reckoned with in thick film, high voltage resistor design and manufacturing, and with an extensive line of resistors including chip resistors, flat leaded resistors, and custom resistive product solutions, they are prepared to customize their products to suit your applications.

At Ohmcraft, they integrate material science + design engineering + printed electronics and the result is Micropen technology commonly referred to as Micropenning, this proprietary technology is utilized to design and manufacture the most precise and stable resistors in the industry.

Micropenning, a "direct write" technology, is Ohmcraft's proprietary technique for manufacturing its family of resistors. This proprietary technique allows for the deposition of thick film resistor material with higher fidelity, accuracy, repeatability, and thickness control than can be achieved by other printing techniques. Discover our range of SMD, axial leaded, radial leaded and Military grade resistors.

Ohmcraft's Micropen Serpentine Resistor Technology
  • low noise
  • excellent pulse capability
  • low TCR
  • low VCR
  • ultra high stability
  • custom, low NRE's
  • quick turn around on samples and prototyping
  • able to write on multi-dimensional surfaces

    Ohmcraft Distributor
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    Ohmcraft Components - Inventory

    HVC2512K5007FT  HVC2512K5007FT Ohmcraft Resistor 5000000K Ohm 1% 300V SMD 2512 TCR:100 T/RRoHS  OHMCRAFT  250