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: Power Innovations International, Inc., a technology company, provides energy generation and waste heat recovery solutions for individual homeowners and businesses to offer products and solutions that generate, store, manage, monitor, isolate, control, filter, and store AC power. The company's products include Small Scale UPQ, Mid Scale UPQ, and Large Scale UPQ, the Q, Q-MS, and Q-LS series rack mount systems, which eliminate concerns by isolating, filtering, and regulating impure and erratic input power; and Rugged UPQ, a Q-RX series for shock, vibration, temperature, and humidity standards. Its products also include UPQnet-Agent III that provides a Web-based interface to monitor and control various UPQ units; EnterprisePlus, which allows power and environmental monitoring and management for sites; and Chameleon that provides utility isolation, transient and surge suppression, noise filtering and cancellation, and load monitoring services. In addition, the company's products PowerHawk, a mobile power vehicle, which delivers N+1 UPQ power for critical services when utility power is compromised or non-existent; and PDU that provides power distribution management features, such as a load indicator, suppression filter, and overload protection. Further, its products include AMPS, an Auto-Regulated Motion Power System that provides stable and pure AC power output by incorporating a resolution alternation regulation and energy control system; Uninterruptible Power Quality (UPQ) for power management and control that address critical modern power issues. The company also offers consulting and customization/original equipment manufacturer development accessories. It serves marine, aviation, homeland security, exploration, medical, communications, events, and military market. Power Innovations International, Inc. was founded in 1997 and is based in Lindon, Utah.

Power Inovations Distributor
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