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About Provigent

: Provigent is a fabless semiconductor company that provides System-on a-Chip (SoC) solutions to vendors of broadband wireless equipment. Provigent targets the microwave Point-to-Point transmission market. Microwave Point-to-Point wireless transmission systems present operators, service providers, and organizations with a reliable, high-capacity infrastructure that is quickly deployed and up-scaled.

Provigent is a fabless semiconductor company that develops system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions for the broadband wireless transmission industry. Charash and Guy Reshef founded the company. It has been in acquisition talks for several months. The company operates in the hottest sector in the wireless network equipment sector - the bottleneck between antennas and the network core. The company's SoC solutions function as a kind of modem for routing and transmitting data.

Provigent Ltd., run by founder and CEO Dan Charash, was acquired by Broadcom Corporation at a company value of $360 million in 2011.

Provigent Distributor
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