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About Prysmian

: Prysmian S.p.A. is an Italian company specialising in the production of electrical cable for use in the energy and telecom sectors and for optical fibres. Prysmian S.p.A. was founded in 1879 and is headquartered in Milan, Italy. Prysmian is present in North America with 23 plants, 48 in Europe, 13 in LATAM, 7 MEAT, 13 APAC.
Prysmian S.p.A., together with its subsidiaries, produces, distributes cables and systems, and related accessories for the energy and telecommunications industries worldwide. The company operates through three segments: Projects, Energy, and Telecom. The Projects segment designs, produces, and installs high and extra high voltage cables for electricity transmission from power plants, and within transmission and primary distribution grids; high voltage cabling systems for terrestrial and submarine applications; submarine cable solutions for power transmission and distribution; data transmission cables; and umbilical cables, hoses, and electrical, optical, and signalling components for oil well management, as well as offers services for terrestrial and submarine interconnections between various countries and between offshore wind farms and the mainland, which is used for generation and distribution of electricity. The Energy segment includes trade and installers; power distribution and overhead transmission lines; industrial and network components for various industries, which comprise oil and gas, downhole technology, elevators, automotive, nuclear, mining, marine, water, and infrastructure sectors, as well as for renewable energy field, military, railways, and cranes; and provides asset monitoring solutions. The Telecom segment manufactures cable systems and connectivity products, such as optical fiber, optical cables, connectivity components and accessories, optical ground wires, and copper cables that are used in telecommunication networks.

Prysmian Distributor
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Prysmian Components - Inventory

01732.70.01  01732.70.01 Prysmian Group Power Extension Cable Cord SJT 18 AWG 125VAC 10A 60C NEMA 5 15P Cable Male Pins (Blades) to Leads 8.00ft (2.44m) Black On Off Switch  Prysmian Group  3315
02685.70.01  02685.70.01 Prysmian Group Power Extension Cable Cord SJOOW 18 AWG 125VAC 10A 60C NEMA 5 15P Cable Male Pins (Blades) to Leads 8.00ft (2.44m) Black Outdoor Use  Prysmian Group  2327
04530.73.01  04530.73.01 Prysmian Group Power Extension Cable Cord SJT 16 AWG 125VAC 13A 60C NEMA 5 15R Cable Female Sockets (Slots) to Leads 3.00ft (914.4mm) Black  Prysmian Group  2055