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About S-Conn

: Established in 1990, S-Conn is a leading designer and manufacturer of RF connectors, and cable assemblies in Taiwan. S-Conn provide an extensive range of products at the initial stage. Through years of experience, S-Conn supplies products world-wide to global customers including metal parts, RF/microwave connectors, cable assemblies, and antenna structured cabling systems.
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S-Conn Distributor
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S-Conn Components - Inventory

RS209L0G27  RS209L0G27 S-Conn Connector RP SMA R/A Jack 50Ohm 500V 18GHz PCB Mount RoHS  S-CONN  116
S209L0G29  S209L0G29 S-Connector SMA PC mount Jack Female Right Angle 50ohm 18GHz  S-CONN  495