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: SamYoung Electronics is a Korea based company engaged in the manufacture and sale of capacitors. SamYoung's products consist of surface mount electrolytic capacitors, including general purpose and bi polar series; miniature aluminum electrolytic capacitors, including low profile, general purpose, low leakage, bi polar, high reliability and other series; large sized aluminum electrolytic capacitors, including printed circuit board (PCB) terminal type and screw bolt terminal type, and aluminum solid electrolytic capacitors, including surface mount and radial series. It also provides capacitor materials.

SamYoung Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded on 20th August 1968. At present it is the largest manufacturer of electrolytic capacitors in South Korea. In 1988 the Samsong research institute was established. It had significantly contributed to the development of 25 patents, inclusive of the method of foil production for manufacturing capacitors, elaborated by SamYoung as the first company in South Korea. The foil is used for in house purposes, however, it is also used by Japanese manufacturers of electrolytic capacitors. In 1994 SamYoung opened a new branch office along with a factory in Qingdao, whereas in 2001 and 2008 next two factories were established in South Korea in the city of Pyeongtaek. All the factories are ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO/TS16949 certified. At present the company employs 1,650 employees. The Korean manufacturer is a winner with respect to numerous prizes and awards regarding quality management and innovation of management, as well as new product development.

SamYoung Distributor
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NXA100VB100M5.0TP(10*20)  AL 100UF/100V 20% 7000HRS 10*20*5mm  SAMYOUNG  6045