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: Sensotec was acquired by Honeywell. Sensotec is a reputable Honeywell Sensing and Control brand that includes sensor ICs, MEMs, board mount sensors, pressure sensors, and many others.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Sensotec is a supplier of sensors for measuring pressure, torque, load, temperature, force, acceleration and displacement. These products are used extensively in test and measurement applications in the automotive, oil and gas, aviation, semiconductor, industrial and medical industries. Other Sensotec products include wireless digital acquisition systems, instrumentation and digital gages.

Sensors detect changes in temperature, pressure, speed, or position and are used in hundreds of products that range from portable medical equipment to antilock-brake systems on automobiles.

Founded in 1973 and employing more than 200 people, Sensotec is also a leading supplier of telemetry (wireless radio) based systems for gathering, transmitting and receiving sensor data from rotating machinery.

MINNEAPOLIS, February 12, 2003 Honeywell (NYSE: HON) today announced that its Automation and Control Solutions (ACS) unit has signed an agreement to acquire the assets of privately held Sensotec Inc. The transaction is subject to government approval. Following the close of the acquisition, Sensotec will become part of Honeywell's ACS Sensing and Control unit.

Honeywell's involvement in sensing can be traced back more than 60 years. Today, the company serves sensors customers worldwide in the aviation, information technology, industrial, automotive on-board and consumer appliance industries.

Sensotec Distributor
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