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About Shindengen

: Shindengen America, Inc. (SAI) is the North American subsidiary of Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Company, Ltd. (SEM), a Tokyo-based world leader in the development and manufacture of high-quality, reliable power conversion products including power semiconductors, custom AC/DC power supplies, DC/DC converters, telecom rectifiers, automotive electronics, and solenoids.

SAI was launched in 1987 to represent Shindengen's line of products in North America and is located in Bannockburn, IL (Chicago area). SAI has developed an extensive national network of distributors and representatives to assist customers with specific applications needs. Customers utilize Shindengen products in markets such as automotive, computer, datacomm, factory automation, industrial control, office automation, power supplies, process control and telecommunications.

With the introduction of its advanced power products offerings, SAI moves to the forefront in the integration of control circuits and semiconductor technologies.
SAI strives to go beyond what its customers expect in developing new technology, in crafting quality products with care, in providing superior customer service, in understanding customer markets and needs, and in customizing products to meet exact specifications.

Shindengen's expansive product line of semiconductors includes general rectifier diodes used for switching power supplies, world-leading performance bridge diodes, MOSFETs and high-speed rectifier diodes. We also maintain a large market share in surge protection devices appropriate for induced-surge and over-voltage protection.

Shindengen Distributor
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Shindengen Components - Inventory

D10SBS4-7000  Shindengen D10SBS4-7000 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=40 IFSM=100  Shindengen  179
D10XB60-7000  Shindengen D10XB60-7000 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=120  Shindengen  
D10XB80-7000  Shindengen D10XB80-7000 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=800 IFSM=120  Shindengen  26
D15XB100-7000  Shindengen D15XB100-7000 Bridge Rectifiers High Voltage Large Io  Shindengen  
D15XB60-7000  Shindengen D15XB60-7000 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=200  Shindengen  306
D15XB60H-7000  Shindengen D15XB60H-7000 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=240  Shindengen  229
D15XB80-7000  Shindengen D15XB80-7000 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=800 IFSM=200  Shindengen  165
D15XBN20-7000  Shindengen D15XBN20-7000 Bridge Rectifiers Low VF Low IR  Shindengen  176
D15XBS6-7000  Shindengen D15XBS6-7000 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers Fast Switching speed Low VF  Shindengen  134
D1F60-5053  Shindengen D1F60-5053 Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=25  Shindengen  27487
D1F60-5103  Shindengen D1F60-5103 SCRs Diode  Shindengen  47
D1F60A-5053  Shindengen D1F60A-5053 Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=45  Shindengen  
D1F60A-5103  Shindengen D1F60A-5103 Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=45  Shindengen  501
D1FH3-5053  Shindengen D1FH3-5053 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers VRM=30 IFSM=60  Shindengen  1990
D1FH3-5053  SCHOTTKY 3A 30V D1FH3-5053 SN SMD2  SHINDENGEN  60
D1FH3-5103  Shindengen D1FH3-5103 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers VRM=30 IFSM=60  Shindengen  351
D1FJ10-5103  Shindengen D1FJ10-5103 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers Schottky Barrier Diode  Shindengen  156
D1FJ8-5103  Shindengen D1FJ8-5103 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers High Recovery Speed Low VF  Shindengen  200
D1FJ8A-5103  Shindengen D1FJ8A-5103 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers High Recovery Speed Low VF  Shindengen  450
D1FK60-5053  Shindengen D1FK60-5053 Rectifiers 0.8 Amp 600 Volt  Shindengen  
D1FK60-5103  Shindengen D1FK60-5103 Rectifiers Fast Recovery Diode  Shindengen  269
D1FK70-5103  Shindengen D1FK70-5103 Rectifiers Fast Recovery Diode  Shindengen  1230
D1FL20U-5053  Shindengen D1FL20U-5053 Rectifiers VRM=200 IFSM=20  Shindengen  2246
D1FL20U-5073  Shindengen D1FL20U-5073 Rectifiers VRM=200 IFSM=20  Shindengen  
D1FL20U-5103  Shindengen D1FL20U-5103 Rectifiers VRM=200 IFSM=20  Shindengen  
D1FL40U-5053  Shindengen D1FL40U-5053 Diodes - General Purpose Power Switching Fast Recovery Diode  Shindengen  126
D1FM3-5053  Shindengen D1FM3-5053 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers 5.0 Amp 30 Volt  Shindengen  1967
D1FM3-5103  Shindengen D1FM3-5103 SCRs Schottky Barrier Diode  Shindengen  371
D1FP3-5103  Shindengen D1FP3-5103 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers VRM=30 IFSM=60  Shindengen  170
D1FS4-5053  Shindengen D1FS4-5053 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers VRM=40 IFSM=30  Shindengen  
D1FS4-5103  Shindengen D1FS4-5103 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers VRM=40 IFSM=30  Shindengen  40
D1FS4A-5053  Shindengen D1FS4A-5053 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers VRM=40 IFSM=60  Shindengen  
D1FS4A-5103  Shindengen D1FS4A-5103 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers VRM=40 IFSM=60  Shindengen  18
D1FS6-5053  Shindengen D1FS6-5053 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers VRM=60 IFSM=40  Shindengen  171
D1FS6A-5103  Shindengen D1FS6A-5103 SCRs Schottky Barrier Diode  Shindengen  64
D1N60-5060  Shindengen D1N60-5060 Rectifiers 600V 1A  Shindengen  3785
D1NK60-5070  Shindengen D1NK60-5070 Rectifiers High Voltage Low VF  Shindengen  247
D1NL20U-5060  Shindengen D1NL20U-5060 Rectifiers 200V 1A  Shindengen  
D1UBA80  Diode-C 0A8 800V D1UBA80  SHINDENGEN (HK) CO LTD  2137
D1UBA80-7062  Shindengen D1UBA80-7062 Bridge Rectifiers 1.0 Amp 800 Volt  Shindengen  1673
D20LC20U-7000  Shindengen D20LC20U-7000 Rectifiers VRM=200 IFSM=150  Shindengen  200
D20LC40-7000  Shindengen D20LC40-7000 Rectifiers VRM=400 IFSM=120  Shindengen  
D20XB60-7000  Shindengen D20XB60-7000 Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=240  Shindengen  205
D20XB80-7000  Shindengen D20XB80-7000 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=800 IFSM=240  Shindengen  211
D25SC6M-7000  Shindengen D25SC6M-7000 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers VRM=60 IFSM=300  Shindengen  94
D25XB100-7000  Shindengen D25XB100-7000 Bridge Rectifiers Large IO Hi Voltage  Shindengen  
D25XB60-7000  Shindengen D25XB60-7000 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=350  Shindengen  2426
D25XB60-7000  RECT-BR 25A 600V D25XB60-7000  SHINDENGEN HK CO LTD  1226
D25XB80-7000  Shindengen D25XB80-7000 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=800 IFSM=350  Shindengen  828
D2F60-5063  Shindengen D2F60-5063 Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=60  Shindengen  149
D2FL20U-5103  Shindengen D2FL20U-5103 Rectifiers VRM=200 IFSM=50  Shindengen  
D2FL40-5063  Shindengen D2FL40-5063 Rectifiers VRM=400 IFSM=40  Shindengen  35
D2FS4-5063  Shindengen D2FS4-5063 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers VRM=40 IFSM=60  Shindengen  271
D2FS6-5063  Shindengen D2FS6-5063 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers VRM=60 IFSM=60  Shindengen  650
D2S4M-5000  Shindengen D2S4M-5000 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers Schottky Barrier Diode  Shindengen  389
D2SB60-7000  Shindengen D2SB60-7000 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=80  Shindengen  300
D2SB60A-7000  Shindengen D2SB60A-7000 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=120  Shindengen  
D2SBA60-7000  Shindengen D2SBA60-7000 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=200 IFSM=60  Shindengen  391
D30JCB100K-7500  Shindengen D30JCB100K-7500 Bridge Rectifiers 1000V 30A SIP Bridge Diode  Shindengen  
D30XBN20-7000  Shindengen D30XBN20-7000 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers Bridge Diode Lo Loss  Shindengen  189
D3F60-5063  Shindengen D3F60-5063 Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=150  Shindengen  1496
D3F60-5103  Shindengen D3F60-5103 Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=150  Shindengen  345
D3FJ10-5063  Shindengen D3FJ10-5063 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers 3.0 Amp 100 Volt  Shindengen  514
D3FP3-5063  Shindengen D3FP3-5063 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers VRM=30 IFSM=150  Shindengen  570
D3FS4A-5063  Shindengen D3FS4A-5063 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers VRM=40 IFSM=150  Shindengen  735
D3FS6-5063  Shindengen D3FS6-5063 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers 3.0 Amp 60 Volt  Shindengen  435
D3FS6-5103  Shindengen D3FS6-5103 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers Schottky Barrier Diode  Shindengen  240
D3S4M-5000  Shindengen D3S4M-5000 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers Schottky Barrier Diode  Shindengen  173
D3S6M-5000  Shindengen D3S6M-5000 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers Schottky Barrier Diode  Shindengen  241
D3SB60-7000  Shindengen D3SB60-7000 Bridge Rectifiers 120 Amp 600 Volt  Shindengen  136
D3SB80-7000  Shindengen D3SB80-7000 Bridge Rectifiers 120 Amp 800 Volt  Shindengen  462
D3SBA60-7000  Shindengen D3SBA60-7000 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=80  Shindengen  174
D45XT80-7000  Shindengen D45XT80-7000 Bridge Rectifiers Bridge Diode  Shindengen  
D4F60-5063  Shindengen D4F60-5063 Diodes - General Purpose Power Switching 4.0 Amp 600 Volt  Shindengen  644
D4F60-5103  Shindengen D4F60-5103 Diodes - General Purpose Power Switching Diode  Shindengen  180
D4SB60L-7000  Shindengen D4SB60L-7000 Bridge Rectifiers 4 Amp 600 Volt  Shindengen  158
D4SB80-7000  Shindengen D4SB80-7000 Bridge Rectifiers 150 Amp 800 Volt  Shindengen  18
D4SBL20U-7000  Shindengen D4SBL20U-7000 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=200 IFSM=60  Shindengen  238
D4SBL40-7000  Shindengen D4SBL40-7000 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=400 IFSM=50  Shindengen  243
D4SBN20-7000  Shindengen D4SBN20-7000 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers Bridge Diode Schottky Bridge  Shindengen  228
D4SBS4-7000  Shindengen D4SBS4-7000 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=40 IFSM=60  Shindengen  58
D4SBS6-7000  Shindengen D4SBS6-7000 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=60 IFSM=60  Shindengen  210
D50XB80-7000  Shindengen D50XB80-7000 Bridge Rectifiers 50 Amp 800 Volt  Shindengen  54
D5SB60-7000  Shindengen D5SB60-7000 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=170  Shindengen  
D5SB80-7000  Shindengen D5SB80-7000 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=800 IFSM=170  Shindengen  64
D5SBA60-7000  Shindengen D5SBA60-7000 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=120  Shindengen  72
D6FEC10ST-5061  Shindengen D6FEC10ST-5061 ESD Suppressors / TVS Diodes High Recovery Speed Low VF Ultra Low IR  Shindengen  
D6SB60L-7000  Shindengen D6SB60L-7000 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=170  Shindengen  242
D6SBN20-7000  Shindengen D6SBN20-7000 Bridge Rectifiers Bridge Diode Schottky Bridge  Shindengen  
DE10S3L-7101  Shindengen DE10S3L-7101 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers VRM=30 IFSM=250  Shindengen  154
DE10SC4-7061  Shindengen DE10SC4-7061 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers VRM=40 IFSM=100  Shindengen  
DE3L20UA-7101  Shindengen DE3L20UA-7101 Diodes - General Purpose Power Switching 200V 3A Fast Recovery  Shindengen  135
DE3S4M-7101  Shindengen DE3S4M-7101 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers VRM=40 IFSM=70  Shindengen  80
DE5L60-7101  Shindengen DE5L60-7101 Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=60  Shindengen  483
DE5LC20U-7101  Shindengen DE5LC20U-7101 Rectifiers VRM=200 IFSM=50  Shindengen  
DE5LC40-7101  Shindengen DE5LC40-7101 Rectifiers VRM=400 IFSM=50  Shindengen  61
DE5S4M-7101  Shindengen DE5S4M-7101 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers VRM=40 IFSM=80  Shindengen  115
DE5S6M-7101  Shindengen DE5S6M-7101 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers VRM=60 IFSM=90  Shindengen  92
DF10SC4M-7102  Shindengen DF10SC4M-7102 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers VRM=40 IFSM=100  Shindengen  74
DF10SC6-7102  Shindengen DF10SC6-7102 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers Schottky Barrier Diode  Shindengen  32
DF15VD60-7072  Shindengen DF15VD60-7072 Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=190  Shindengen  1073
DF20L60-7102  Shindengen DF20L60-7102 Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=170  Shindengen  
DF20SC4M-7102  Shindengen DF20SC4M-7102 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers VRM=40 IFSM=230  Shindengen  47
DF20SC9M-7102  Shindengen DF20SC9M-7102 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers VRM=90 IFSM=200  Shindengen  20
DF25SC6M-7102  Shindengen DF25SC6M-7102 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers VRM=60 IFSM=300  Shindengen  24
DF25V60-7102  Shindengen DF25V60-7102 Rectifiers Diode  Shindengen  
DF30SC4M-7102  Shindengen DF30SC4M-7102 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers VRM=40 IFSM=360  Shindengen  16
DF40SC4-7102  Shindengen DF40SC4-7102 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers VRM=40 IFSM=350  Shindengen  
F15F60C3M-7600  Shindengen F15F60C3M-7600 MOSFET Hi Switching Speed High Voltage  Shindengen  94
F20W60C3-7100  Shindengen F20W60C3-7100 MOSFET Hi Switching Speed High Voltage  Shindengen  
F25F60CPM-7600  Shindengen F25F60CPM-7600 MOSFET Hi Switching Speed High Voltage  Shindengen  53
G1V(A)15C-7000  G1V(A)15C-7000 Shindengen Sidacs Sidac Uni-Directional  Shindengen  rfq
G1V(A)15C-7070  G1V(A)15C-7070 Shindengen Sidacs Sidac Uni-Directional  Shindengen  rfq
G1V(A)20C-7070  G1V(A)20C-7070 Shindengen Sidacs Sidac Uni-Directional  Shindengen  rfq
G1V(B)22C-7000  Shindengen G1V(B)22C-7000 Sidacs Sidac Uni-Directional  Shindengen  536
G1V(B)24C-4070  G1V(B)24C-4070 Shindengen Sidacs Unidirect 210V 1.0A  Shindengen  rfq
K1V(A)10-7000  K1V(A)10-7000 Shindengen Sidacs Sidac Bi-Directional  Shindengen  rfq
K1V(A)12-7000  K1V(A)12-7000 Shindengen Sidacs Sidac Bi-Directional  Shindengen  rfq
K1V12-7060  Shindengen K1V12-7060 Sidacs ITSM=20 VBO= 110-125  Shindengen  1107
K1V12-7061  K1V12-7061 Shindengen Sidacs SIDAC K1V series (Bi-directional)  Shindengen  rfq
K1V24(W)-7000  K1V24(W)-7000 Shindengen Sidacs Sidac Bi-Directional  Shindengen  rfq
K1V24(W)-7060  K1V24(W)-7060 Shindengen Sidacs Sidac Bi-Directional  Shindengen  rfq
K1V24(W)-7061  K1V24(W)-7061 Shindengen Sidacs SIDAC K1V series (Bi-directional)  Shindengen  rfq
K1V26(W)-7000  K1V26(W)-7000 Shindengen Sidacs Sidac Bi-Directional  Shindengen  rfq
K1V26-7061  K1V26-7061 Shindengen Sidacs SIDAC K1V series (Bi-directional)  Shindengen  rfq
K1V36(W)-7000  Shindengen K1V36(W)-7000 Sidacs Sidac Bi-Directional  Shindengen  45
K1VZL09-5103  Shindengen K1VZL09-5103 Sidacs Bidirectional Sidac  Shindengen  200
KL3L07-5103  Shindengen KL3L07-5103 Sidacs VDRM=58 ITSM=30  Shindengen  93
KL3N14-5103  Shindengen KL3N14-5103 Sidacs VDRM=120 ITSM=30  Shindengen  70
KL3R20-5103  Shindengen KL3R20-5103 Sidacs VDRM=175 ITSM=30  Shindengen  199
KL3Z07-5053  KL3Z07-5053 Shindengen Sidacs VDRM=5 ITSM=30  Shindengen  rfq
KL3Z18-5053  KL3Z18-5053 Shindengen Sidacs VDRM=15 ITSM=30  Shindengen  rfq
KL3Z18-5073  KL3Z18-5073 Shindengen Sidacs VDRM=15 ITSM=30  Shindengen  rfq
KL3Z18-5103  Shindengen KL3Z18-5103 Sidacs VDRM=15 ITSM=30  Shindengen  102
KP10LU07-5103  KP10LU07-5103 Shindengen Sidacs VDRM=60 ITSM=100  Shindengen  rfq
KU10L08-5073  KU10L08-5073 Shindengen Sidacs VDRM=63 ITSM=100  Shindengen  rfq
KU10N14-5073  KU10N14-5073 Shindengen Sidacs VDRM=120 ITSM=100  Shindengen  rfq
LL15XB60-7000  Shindengen LL15XB60-7000 Bridge Rectifiers Bridge-Diode Low VF  Shindengen  
LL25XB60-7000  Shindengen LL25XB60-7000 Bridge Rectifiers  Shindengen  
LN15XB60-7000  Shindengen LN15XB60-7000 Bridge Rectifiers 15 Amp 600 Volt  Shindengen  
LN1WBA60-7062  Shindengen LN1WBA60-7062 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=50  Shindengen  
LN1WBA60-7101  Shindengen LN1WBA60-7101 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=50  Shindengen  
LN1WBA60-7102  Shindengen LN1WBA60-7102 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=50  Shindengen  218
LN6SB60-7000  Shindengen LN6SB60-7000 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=170  Shindengen  
M1F60-6063  Shindengen M1F60-6063 Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=25  Shindengen  25302
M1FE60-6063  Shindengen M1FE60-6063 Rectifiers 600V 1A Surface Mount Rectifier  Shindengen  
M1FJ4-6063  Shindengen M1FJ4-6063 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers 1.5A 40V  Shindengen  
M1FL20U-6063  Shindengen M1FL20U-6063 Rectifiers VRM=200 IFSM=30  Shindengen  3202
M1FM3-6063  Shindengen M1FM3-6063 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers VRM=30 IFSM=30  Shindengen  2082
M1FS4-6063  Shindengen M1FS4-6063 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers VRM=40 IFSM=303  Shindengen  1563
M1FS6-6063  Shindengen M1FS6-6063 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers VRM=60 IFSM=40  Shindengen  1201
M2FH3-5063  Shindengen M2FH3-5063 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers 6.0 Amp 30 Volt  Shindengen  1000
M3F60-5063  Shindengen M3F60-5063 Rectifiers 3.0 Amp 600 Volt  Shindengen  1238
MG020200  Shindengen MG020200 Discrete Semiconductor Modules Power Module  Shindengen  14
P13LA10EL-5070  Shindengen P13LA10EL-5070 MOSFET 100V 13A EETMOS POWER MOSFET  Shindengen  
P5F50HP2-5600  Shindengen P5F50HP2-5600 MOSFET High Switching Speed High Voltage  Shindengen  195
P85W28HP2F-7071  Shindengen P85W28HP2F-7071 MOSFET Hi-PotMOS Power MOSFET Through Hole  Shindengen  
S10VB60-5000  Shindengen S10VB60-5000 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=200  Shindengen  30
S10VT60-4000  Shindengen S10VT60-4000 Bridge Rectifiers Bridge Diode  Shindengen  
S10VT80-4000  Shindengen S10VT80-4000 Bridge Rectifiers Bridge Diode  Shindengen  
S10VTA60-5000  Shindengen S10VTA60-5000 Bridge Rectifiers Bridge Diode  Shindengen  
S10VTA80-5000  Shindengen S10VTA80-5000 Bridge Rectifiers Bridge Diode  Shindengen  
S10WB60-5000  Shindengen S10WB60-5000 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=170  Shindengen  
S15VB60-4000  Shindengen S15VB60-4000 Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=200  Shindengen  
S15VT60-4000  Shindengen S15VT60-4000 Bridge Rectifiers Bridge Diode  Shindengen  
S15VT80-4000  Shindengen S15VT80-4000 Bridge Rectifiers Bridge Diode  Shindengen  
S15VTA60-5000  Shindengen S15VTA60-5000 Bridge Rectifiers Bridge Diode  Shindengen  
S15VTA80-5000  Shindengen S15VTA80-5000 Bridge Rectifiers Bridge Diode  Shindengen  
S15WB60-5000  Shindengen S15WB60-5000 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=200  Shindengen  66
S1NB60-7062  Shindengen S1NB60-7062 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=30  Shindengen  3928
S1NB60-7101  Shindengen S1NB60-7101 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=30  Shindengen  380
S1NB60-7102  Shindengen S1NB60-7102 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=30  Shindengen  60
S1NB80-7062  Shindengen S1NB80-7062 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=800 IFSM=30  Shindengen  7198
S1NB80-7101  Shindengen S1NB80-7101 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=800 IFSM=30  Shindengen  158
S1NB80-7102  Shindengen S1NB80-7102 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=800 IFSM=30  Shindengen  
S1NBB80-7062  Shindengen S1NBB80-7062 Bridge Rectifiers 1.0 Amp 800 Volt  Shindengen  
S1NBB80-7101  Shindengen S1NBB80-7101 Bridge Rectifiers 1.0 Amp 800 Volt  Shindengen  
S1NBB80-7102  Shindengen S1NBB80-7102 Bridge Rectifiers Bridge Diode  Shindengen  
S1NBC60-7062  Shindengen S1NBC60-7062 Bridge Rectifiers 1.5 Amp 600 Volt  Shindengen  650
S1NBC60-7101  Shindengen S1NBC60-7101 Bridge Rectifiers 1.5 Amp 600 Volt  Shindengen  
S1NBC60-7102  Shindengen S1NBC60-7102 Bridge Rectifiers Bridge Diode  Shindengen  
S1NBC80-7062  Shindengen S1NBC80-7062 Bridge Rectifiers 1.5 Amp 800 Volt  Shindengen  536
S1NBC80-7101  Shindengen S1NBC80-7101 Bridge Rectifiers 1.5 Amp 800 Volt  Shindengen  
S1NBC80-7102  Shindengen S1NBC80-7102 Bridge Rectifiers Bridge Diode  Shindengen  404
S1WB(A)60-7062  Shindengen S1WB(A)60-7062 Bridge Rectifiers Bridge Diode  Shindengen  1
S1WB(A)60-7101  Shindengen S1WB(A)60-7101 Bridge Rectifiers Bridge Diode  Shindengen  272
S1WB(A)60-7102  Shindengen S1WB(A)60-7102 Bridge Rectifiers Bridge Diode  Shindengen  405
S1WB(A)60B-7062  Shindengen S1WB(A)60B-7062 Bridge Rectifiers 1.0 Amp 600 Volt  Shindengen  383
S1WB(A)60B-7101  Shindengen S1WB(A)60B-7101 Bridge Rectifiers 1.0 Amp 600 Volt  Shindengen  
S1WB(A)60B-7102  Shindengen S1WB(A)60B-7102 Bridge Rectifiers Bridge Diode  Shindengen  
S1WB(A)80-7062  Shindengen S1WB(A)80-7062 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=800V IFSM=30  Shindengen  119
S1WB(A)80-7072  Shindengen S1WB(A)80-7072 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=80 IFSM=30  Shindengen  
S1WB(A)80-7101  Shindengen S1WB(A)80-7101 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=80 IFSM=30  Shindengen  250
S1WB(A)80-7102  Shindengen S1WB(A)80-7102 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=80 IFSM=30  Shindengen  
S1ZB60-7062  Shindengen S1ZB60-7062 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=30  Shindengen  20591
S1ZB60-7072  Shindengen S1ZB60-7072 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=30  Shindengen  39065
S1ZB60-7101  Shindengen S1ZB60-7101 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=30  Shindengen  
S1ZB60-7102  Shindengen S1ZB60-7102 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=30  Shindengen  566
S1ZB80-7062  Shindengen S1ZB80-7062 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=800 IFSM=30  Shindengen  
S1ZB80-7072  Shindengen S1ZB80-7072 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=800 IFSM=30  Shindengen  2140
S1ZB80-7101  Shindengen S1ZB80-7101 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=800 IFSM=30  Shindengen  220
S1ZB80-7102  Shindengen S1ZB80-7102 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=800 IFSM=30  Shindengen  600
S20K60T-5000  Shindengen S20K60T-5000 Rectifiers Hi Voltage Low Noise  Shindengen  66
S20LC20UST-5000  Shindengen S20LC20UST-5000 Rectifiers Super Fast Recovery  Shindengen  77
S20LC40UT-5000  Shindengen S20LC40UT-5000 Rectifiers Super Fast Recovery  Shindengen  
S20VT60-4000  Shindengen S20VT60-4000 Bridge Rectifiers Bridge Diode  Shindengen  
S20VT80-4000  Shindengen S20VT80-4000 Bridge Rectifiers Bridge Diode  Shindengen  
S20VTA60-5000  Shindengen S20VTA60-5000 Bridge Rectifiers Bridge Diode  Shindengen  30
S20VTA80-5000  Shindengen S20VTA80-5000 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=800 IFSM=300  Shindengen  
S20WB60-5000  Shindengen S20WB60-5000 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=500  Shindengen  84
S20WB80-5000  Shindengen S20WB80-5000 Bridge Rectifiers Bridge Diode  Shindengen  
S25VB60-4000  Shindengen S25VB60-4000 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=400  Shindengen  
S25VB80-4000  Shindengen S25VB80-4000 Bridge Rectifiers Bridge Diode  Shindengen  
S2K100-5000  Shindengen S2K100-5000 Diodes - General Purpose Power Switching Hi Voltage Low Noise  Shindengen  
S2L60-5000  Shindengen S2L60-5000 Rectifiers Hi Voltage Low Noise  Shindengen  200
S2V60-5000  Shindengen S2V60-5000 Rectifiers Diode  Shindengen  769
S2V60-5060  Shindengen S2V60-5060 Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=60  Shindengen  530
S2VB60-5000  Shindengen S2VB60-5000 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=40  Shindengen  62
S30SC4MT-5000  Shindengen S30SC4MT-5000 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers Schottky Barrier Diodes THD  Shindengen  
S30VT60-4000  Shindengen S30VT60-4000 Bridge Rectifiers Bridge Diode  Shindengen  
S30VT80-4000  Shindengen S30VT80-4000 Bridge Rectifiers Bridge Diode  Shindengen  38
S30VTA60-5000  Shindengen S30VTA60-5000 Bridge Rectifiers 600V 30A  Shindengen  
S30VTA80-5000  Shindengen S30VTA80-5000 Bridge Rectifiers  Shindengen  
S3K60-5000  Shindengen S3K60-5000 Rectifiers Fast Recovery Diode  Shindengen  125
S3L20U-5000  Shindengen S3L20U-5000 Rectifiers Fast Recovery Diode  Shindengen  346
S3L60-5000  Shindengen S3L60-5000 Rectifiers Fast Recovery Diode  Shindengen  400
S3V60-5000  Shindengen S3V60-5000 Rectifiers Diode  Shindengen  91
S3V60-5060  Shindengen S3V60-5060 Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=120  Shindengen  1159
S3WB60-5000  Shindengen S3WB60-5000 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=120  Shindengen  
S4VB60-5000  Shindengen S4VB60-5000 Bridge Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=80  Shindengen  34
S50VB60-4000  Shindengen S50VB60-4000 Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=500  Shindengen  33
S5VB60-5000  Shindengen S5VB60-5000 Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=200  Shindengen  23
S60SC6MT-5000  Shindengen S60SC6MT-5000 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers TWIN DIODE  Shindengen  38
S60SC6MT-5000  S60SC6MT-5000 ShindengenSchottky Diodes & Rectifiers Dual. 60V 60A CommonCathode MTO-3PT RoHS  SHINDENGEN  15
SF10L60U-7600  Shindengen SF10L60U-7600 Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=120  Shindengen  109
SF20L60U-7600  Shindengen SF20L60U-7600 Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=180  Shindengen  107
SF20LC30M-5600  Shindengen SF20LC30M-5600 Rectifiers Super Fast Recovery  Shindengen  142
SF3L60U-7600  Shindengen SF3L60U-7600 Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=40  Shindengen  200
SF5L60U-7600  Shindengen SF5L60U-7600 Rectifiers VRM=600 IFSM=60  Shindengen  81
SF8K60M-5600  Shindengen SF8K60M-5600 Rectifiers Hi Voltage Low Noise  Shindengen  89
SG10L20USM-5600  Shindengen SG10L20USM-5600 Rectifiers Fast Recovery Diode  Shindengen  91
SG10LC20USM-5600  Shindengen SG10LC20USM-5600 Rectifiers VRM=200 IFSM=90  Shindengen  165
SG10SC4M-5600  Shindengen SG10SC4M-5600 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers Schottky Barrier Diode  Shindengen  114
SG10SC6M-5600  Shindengen SG10SC6M-5600 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers Schottky Barrier Diode  Shindengen  277
SG10SC9M-5600  Shindengen SG10SC9M-5600 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers Schottky Barrier Diode  Shindengen  143
SG20SC4M-5600  Shindengen SG20SC4M-5600 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers Schottky Barrier Diode  Shindengen  106
SG20SC6M-5600  Shindengen SG20SC6M-5600 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers Schottky Barrier Diode  Shindengen  60
SG20SC9M-5600  Shindengen SG20SC9M-5600 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers Schottky Barrier Diode  Shindengen  179
SG5S6M-5600  Shindengen SG5S6M-5600 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers High Recovery Speed Low VF  Shindengen  186
ST02-140F1-5103  Shindengen ST02-140F1-5103 Zener Diodes Power Zeners Trankillers  Shindengen  50
ST02D-140-7000  Shindengen ST02D-140-7000 Zener Diodes Power Zeners Power Clampers  Shindengen  379
ST02D-140-7070  Shindengen ST02D-140-7070 Zener Diodes Power Zeners Power Clampers  Shindengen  1500
ST02D-170-7000  Shindengen ST02D-170-7000 Zener Diodes Power Zeners Power Clampers  Shindengen  196
ST02D-200-4060  ZNR 185-215V ST02D-200-4060  SHINDENGEN (HK) CO LTD  1279
ST02D-200-7000  Shindengen ST02D-200-7000 Zener Diodes Power Zeners Power Clampers  Shindengen  152
ST02D-200-7070  Shindengen ST02D-200-7070 Zener Diodes Power Zeners Power Clampers  Shindengen  1454
ST02D-82-7000  Shindengen ST02D-82-7000 Zener Diodes Power Zeners Power Clampers  Shindengen  398
ST03D-170-7000  Shindengen ST03D-170-7000 Zener Diodes Power Zeners Trankillers  Shindengen  388
ST03D-200-7000  Shindengen ST03D-200-7000 Zener Diodes Power Zeners Trankillers  Shindengen  368
ST03D-82-7000  Shindengen ST03D-82-7000 Zener Diodes Power Zeners Trankillers  Shindengen  154
ST04-27F1-5103  Shindengen ST04-27F1-5103 Zener Diodes Power Zeners Trankillers  Shindengen  150
ST70-27F-7072  Shindengen ST70-27F-7072 Zener Diodes 27 Volt 7000 Watt  Shindengen  40
UD2KB80-7000  Shindengen UD2KB80-7000 Bridge Rectifiers Bridge Diode  Shindengen  75
UD3KB80-7000  Shindengen UD3KB80-7000 Bridge Rectifiers Bridge Diode  Shindengen  
UD4KB80-7000  Shindengen UD4KB80-7000 Bridge Rectifiers Bridge Diode  Shindengen  74
UD6KBA80-7000  Shindengen UD6KBA80-7000 Bridge Rectifiers Bridge Diode  Shindengen  
UD8KBA80-7000  Shindengen UD8KBA80-7000 Bridge Rectifiers Bridge Diode  Shindengen  
US10KB80R-7000  Shindengen US10KB80R-7000 Bridge Rectifiers 10 Amp 800 Volt  Shindengen  
US15KB80R-7000  Shindengen US15KB80R-7000 Bridge Rectifiers 15 Amp 800 Volt  Shindengen  122
US20KB80R-7000  Shindengen US20KB80R-7000 Bridge Rectifiers Bridge Diode  Shindengen  
US30KB80R-7000  Shindengen US30KB80R-7000 Bridge Rectifiers 30 Amp 800 Volt  Shindengen  479
US8KB80R-7000  Shindengen US8KB80R-7000 Rectifiers 8.0 Amp 800 Volt  Shindengen  1075