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: Silicon Designs was founded in 1983 just outside of Seattle, Washington, USA, with the goal of improving existing MEMS capacitive accelerometer design standards. At the time, industrial-grade MEMS capacitive accelerometers were bulky, delicate, and expensive. Silicon Designs set out to develop a more compact, sensitive, rugged, effective, and reasonably priced accelerometer. Since then, Silicon Designs has expanded the capabilities of these accelerometers, introduced a digital line, designed a new breed of triaxial MEMS capacitive accelerometer modules, and has developed inertial navigation sensors for companies all over the world.

Silicon Designs is an ISO9001:2015 certified, and US-based leading designer and manufacturer of highly reliable and rugged industrial-grade MEMS capacitive accelerometers and chips, non-ITAR inertial accelerometers, and data acquisition systems for zero to medium frequency instrumentation requirements.

Silicon Designs has steadily grown over the years, but the core competency has always remained MEMS capacitive accelerometers. Constant R&D has led to many breakthrough technologies and processes, and this dedication to perpetual improvement has been integral in Silicon Designs' continual growth and success. The philosophy of "make it better, stronger, smaller, and less expensive" is maintained to this day.

SDI has been a part of numerous achievements across the globe, both its own and as a key contributor to others' successes. SDI has won numerous SBIR awards, been inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame, and received a Tibbetts Award. As accelerometers are continuously incorporated into new applications, SDI is leading the way with its proven expertise and world-class products.

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