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: Sky Electronics is an American owned company, founded in 1984. Located in Oxford, Georgia, Sky Electronics is dedicated to the manufacture and sale of relays and relay sockets. They are one of the "relay experts." Each shipment is lot tested before leaving their ISO-9002 factories.


CKB and CKBS - Min PC mount SPDT 3A relay.
CKC - Mic PC mount SPDT 12A relay.
CKD and CKDS - Min PC mount SPDT 1A relay.
SKAP - 13A power relay.
SKEB - PC mount SPDT 16A or DPDT 10A relay.
SKEBA - Low profile PC mount SPDT 12A or DPDT 8A relay.
SKEBAH - PC mount SPDT 10A or DMDB 16A relay.
SKG - PC mount dip pattern DPDT 2A relay.
SKH, SKHT, and SKHB - 20 to 30A power relay.
SKHP - 20 to 30A power relay.
SKJB and SKJBS - PC mount 40A power relay.
SKJQ and SKJT - Enclosed SPDT 30A power relay.
SKKP - Octal base 10A plug in relay.
SKKPA - Octal base 10A plug in relay with manual actuator.
SKL and SKLS - PC mount SPDT 10A or DMDB 15A relay.
SKMP - Min SPDT or 4PDT 5A relay.
SKNP-1C and SKNP-2C - Min SPDT to 4PDT 10A relay.
SKNP-3C and SKNP-4C - Min SPDT to 4PDT 10A relay.
SKNPA - Ultra thin SPDT 10A relay.
SKP - Min PC Mount DPDT 1A relay.
SKPS - Min surface Mount DPDT 1A relay.
SKQ and SKQS - PC mount SPDT 30A relay.
SKSH and SKSS - PC mount SPDT 10A relay.
SKT - SPDT 40A automobile relay.
SKU - Min PC mount 1A relay.
SKV - PC mount 20A relay.

Sky Electronics Distributor
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