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: Space Electronics is the world's number one manufacturer of aerospace mass properties measurement instruments. Since our founding in 1959, we have sold more Moment of Inertia and Center of Gravity instruments than any other company. One reason for our success is our unique technology. We invented the force restoration concept of CG measurement and the inverted torsion pendulum method of measuring MOI. We are the originator of the spherical gas bearing spin balance machine, which uses two force transducers to determine both Product of Inertia and CG offset in a single run. Another reason for our success is the extraordinary reliability of our products some of our instruments have been used daily for more than 20 years without malfunctioning.
Specialties Mass Properties Instruments, Spin Balance Machines, Gimbal Balance Machines, Center of Gravity Machines, Moment of Inertia Machines, Moment Weight Scales, Weight and CG Machines, Circuit Testers, Gas Bearings, Measurement Services

Space Electronics Distributor
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