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About Strike Technologies

: The founders of Strike Technologies identified a gap in the market and brought the company to life in 1987 to service the metering, lightning protection and MV relay markets with niche products.

For the first decade of its existence, Strike Technologies was founder owned. In the late 90's Strike Technologies looked for a bigger partner to expand its opportunities into new market and sold its entire shareholding to the then Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) listed Power Technologies (Pty) Ltd (Powertech). Strike blossomed under its wings adding several new products to its range. In 2016 Powertech refocused its strategy and decided to divest Strike Technologies. Telema S.p.A saw in Strike Technologies a major fit to complement its own offerings and acquired 100% of the company.

Strike Technologies has established itself as a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of medium to high voltage Protection Relays, Surge Protection Equipment, Industrial Earth Leakage Relays, Energy and Demand Metering and Protection Test Equipment predominantly for Mining, Utilities, Industrial, HealthCare and Rail markets.

Strike Technologies Distributor
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Strike Technologies Components - Inventory

CPR500  CPR500 Capacitor and Filter Bank Protection Relay

The CPR500 is a version of the RLC500 that has been created for the use in the European and North American
 Strike Technologies  rfq
FP04  FP04 Feeder Protection Relay (with auto-reclose)

The FP04 is a numeric digital signal processor based multi-function protection relay.
 Strike Technologies  rfq
RLC04  RLC04 Capacitor / Filter Protection Relay

The RLC04 is a numeric digital signal processor based protection relay.
 Strike Technologies  rfq
RLC500  RLC500 Capacitor and Filter Bank Protection Relay

RLC range includes 3 phase programmable relays for medium and high voltage shunt capacitor banks and harmonic filter circuits.
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