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About Sugatsune

: Ever since Sugatsune was established in Kanda, Tokyo in 1930, the company has released numerous hardware technologies under the motto of "Be original", including Lapcon technology and special patented hardware.

Sugatsune has a rich tradition of manufacturing premium high-quality hardware. Sugatsune supplies a wide range of furniture & architectural Hardware for a variety of applications, like Hotels, Residence, Wardrobes, Kitchens, Others, Retail Store. Several Sugatsune products have received awards for innovation in product design.

From 1930, Sugatsune Kogyo has been supplying high-quality hardware to the furniture and architecture markets in Japan & over 80 countries internationally. Over the years, innovation and growth have placed the company at the head of Japan's domestic market & other international markets with multiple outlets and a high tech distribution system.

Sugatsune Kogyo is the manufacturer of the popular LAMP & ZWEIL brands. These brand have been associated with high-quality hardware and craftsmanship since Sugatsune was established.

Sugatsune product range includes over 20,000 items. The items range from architectural furniture and hardware to industrial components. This includes hooks, catches, drawer slides, brackets, handles and more. It produces products for a variety of industries as diverse as cabinets, semiconductor fabrication plants, yachts, doors, and more.

Sugatsune Distributor
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