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: THAT Corporation is concentrating its current design efforts specifically on analog audio input and output ICs to complement our voltage controlled amplifiers, rms detectors and Analog Engines. These components are designed to be manufactured using "dielectric isolation" (DI) fabrication, an advanced process technology that provides higher device to device breakdown voltages, better isolation between individual transistors, and faster speeds. THAT's requirements in this area, coupled with the company's desire to control quality, time to market, and the underlying process variables in all phases of its IC production, led to the acquisition of its own semiconductor fabrication facility.

The company is headquartered in Massachusetts, with offices in Tokyo and Silicon Valley, and is best known for its line of integrated circuit voltage controlled amplifiers (VCAs) used throughout the professional audio industry.

The company was founded in April of 1989 by senior managers and engineers from dbx, Inc., the world renowned audio engineering company whose developments included the first high performance integrated VCA, Emmy award winning BTSC dbx tv Noise Reduction technology, and the first integrated 20 bit analog to digital converter. The founders and others within the senior management team participated in these accomplishments, and have made this heritage of innovation and engineering excellence an integral part of THAT Corporation's philosophy and culture.

THAT Corporation holds an extensive patent portfolio in TV audio technology, including key patents covering noise reduction technology for use in TV audio broadcast and reception. The company derives significant income from the licensing of this technology to consumer electronics and IC manufacturers of encoders and decoders worldwide, including those in the Pacific Rim, and has an office in Tokyo, Japan to manage its business in that region. THAT licenses digital Verilog code for all legacy TV audio standards: BTSC, NICAM, A2, EIA-J and FM Stereo, including professional- and consumer-grade encoding and decoding technology for many of these systems.

THAT Corporation Distributor
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