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About TSC Ferrite International

: TSC FERRITE International was established in 1985 as a division of Tempel Steel Company and was purchased by Tempel Smith in 1990. TSC Ferrite International purchased the assets of AVX/TPC Thomson, Beaune France in 2004. TSC Ferrite International produces MnZn and NiZn soft ferrites, which are electromagnetic material used as cores for high frequency (10KHz-10MHz) transformers and inductors.

TSC International is a manufacturer of magnetic materials for all frequencies. Our many end markets include: automotive, computer, lighting, telecommunications, instrumentation, industrial and consumer product industries across the United States and around the world.
TSF Ferrite – Manufacturer of soft ferrite, ceramic, cores for high frequency (KHz through MHz), transformers and inductors. Our forte is producing very low loss ferrite materials for power applications (lighting ballasts & switched mode power supplies) in “shapes” (E, ETD, Low Profile Planar, EFD, PQ, EP, Pot, U & custom), gapped or ungapped magnetic cores.
TSC Pyroferric – Manufacturer of metallic, powdered-iron cores, which have an inherent, distributed air gap. We offer a full line of material grades for power conversion, line filter and radio frequency applications. Toroids, E cores, Rod Cores, Bobbin Cores, Thread Cores & Custom Shapes.
TSC bourgeois – Stamps and anneals, magnetic, steel, laminations for electric motors, electric generators and for low frequency (50-60 Hz line through 20KHz voice frequency range) transformers and inductors.
TSC Particle Core – Manufacturer of revolutionary, soft magnetic, metallic, material that offers an alternative to magnetic steel laminations used at power frequencies (50-60 Hz through 800 Hz). Three-dimensional parts are easily former utilizing powder compaction technologies.

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