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About Tusonix

: Tusonix, a subsidiary of CTS Electronic Components, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of EMC (Electromagnetic Compatible) products. The company has been manufacturing ceramic components since 1969 and Tusonix draws upon this experience and accumulated knowledge to provide an ever expanding line of EMI/RFI filters (surface mount and feed through), ceramic fixed and variable trimmer capacitors, and filtered terminal blocks. Tusonix products set the industry standard and lead the way in the development of tomorrow's EMI technology.

Tusonix Distributor
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Tusonix Components - Inventory

0811-608-X5V0-103Z  811-608-X5V0-103Z LF CAPTH 10NF -20%+80% 500V CER RoHS  TUSONIX  100
2425-003-X7R-102AA  1000pF 100V GMV X7R MIL-STD-202  TUSONIX  200
818-619-Z5U0-103M  CAP-C 10N M 1KV Z5U  TUSONIX INC  206