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About Yokowo

: As the world's largest spring loaded connector (Pogo pin) manufacturer, and with over two decades of experience researching and developing spring contact technology, Yokowo designs and produces connectors that respond to the technical demands of advanced electronic devices. Yokowo offers hundreds of exceptionally reliable and compact standard products (as well as the option to customize) for virtually unlimited applications, including AV equipment, mobile phones, automotive, data communication devices, health care equipment, data collection terminals, wireless equipment and more. Yokowo also includes a full range of high quality board to board, compression connectors, two piece connectors and spiral connectors.

Yokowo is a Japanese manufacturer, which was founded in 1922, and has nearly 100 years of history. Yokowo has become specialists in advanced devices such as car antennas and medical devices. Yokowo started selling spring connectors (pogo pins) in 1986 and Yokowo is continually expanding its connector business for over 30 years.

Connectors are being used in various electronic devices. Selecting the right connector is essential for the success of product development, to make sure to choose a robust and cost-effective connector that is suitable for the device's operational environment.

Yokowo's spring connectors allow easy and simple method of attaching/detaching, that are used in a variety of electronics devices including cellphones, wearable devices, commercial/industrial/medical devices, automotive equipment, and more.

Yokowo Distributor
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Yokowo Components - Inventory

CCNL-050-37  CCNL-050-37 Yokowo Discrete wiring and flexible cable wiring Connector 27 to 37 pins 0.5mm Pitch  Yokowo  1000
CCNL-050-37-FRC  CCNL-050-37-FRC Yokowo FRC Connector 27 to 37 pins  Yokowo  1000
CCNL-050-47  CCNL-050-47 Yokowo Discrete wiring and flexible cable wiring Connector 38 to 47 pins 0.5mm Pitch  Yokowo  1000
CCNL-050-47-FRC  CCNL-050-47-FRC Yokowo FRC Connector 38 to 47 pins  Yokowo  1000
CCNM-050-26  CCNM-050-26 Yokowo Discrete wiring and flexible cable wiring Connector 13 to 26 pins 0.5mm Pitch  Yokowo  1000
CCNM-050-26-FRC  CCNM-050-26-FRC Yokowo FRC Connector 13 to 26 pins  Yokowo  1000
CCNS-050-12  CCNS-050-12 Yokowo Discrete wiring and flexible cable wiring Connector 3 to 12 pins 0.5mm Pitch  Yokowo  1000
CCNS-050-12-FRC  CCNS-050-12-FRC Yokowo FRC Connector 3 to 12 pins  Yokowo  1000
CHK-3414-2391H  3 pin SMT battery connector  YOKOWO  2995
J-2509P-1-00-0000  J-2509P-1-00-0000 YOKOWO POGO PIN 1 Position 2.8MM WH VERT S RoHS  YOKOWO  473
J-3413P-1-00-0000  J-3413P-1-00-0000 SPRING LOADED CONNECTOR 1PIN TYPE FOGO PINS H:3.8MM 1.08NF 2A RoHS  YOKOWO  195
J-5415H-4-20-0000  J-5415H-4-20-0000 Yokowo Spring Loaded Connector Pogo 4pin 2.0mm Pitch SMT/SMD RoHS  YOKOWO  85