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: Interfan has been supplying AC and DC tube axial fans and radial (centrifugal) blowers, and fan accessories to commercial and industrial electronic OEMs for over forty years. We have engineered our fans and blowers to have superior life expectancies and to have silent operation. Interfan cooling products meet or exceed international safety standards, and most products have been certified by one or more of the following safety agencies: UL, CSA, and cUL. All (AND Displays, Interfan, AND Optoelectronics, Interswitch, or Interoptics) products are covered by a one-year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.
Our products come standard with locked rotor and polarity protection. We also offer sensor monitoring to detect motor speed, fluctuation and stoppage and then generate an alarm signal. Sample applications include medical instruments, car radios, ATM terminals, factory automation, sun tanning beds, telephony switches (metal frame DC fans), and heat sink fans for rack mounted PCBs.

The Sealed Ball Bearing Advantage Interfan standard fans and blowers all utilize sealed ball bearing construction. While we do provide sleeve bearings on a special order basis, sealed ball bearing construction is inherently a design which will provide more years of service than a sleeve bearing design. Because of the low mechanical load on the bearing system, the lubricant life and temperature are the key factors in determining the life of the bearing and the fan. By using a proprietary lubricant formulation, sealed inside the ball bearing, an advanced blade design to reduce the load, a high efficiency motor and heat sinking construction to reduce temperatures, we are able to offer fans and blowers with superior life expectancies.

interfan Distributor
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We understand that our customers need more than just a supplier; they need a strategic partner in their supply chain, so we strive to be that and more. We consistently utilize our in-stock inventory and global network of suppliers to reduce your procurement cycles, lower transaction costs and provide quality electronic components at competitive prices.

IBS Electronics can source interfan original and alternative parts. Often original parts for outdated products are no longer available or are very expensive due to demand. It is here our expertise can assist you to find the best solution to fulfil your requirements.