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Astrodyne TDI Corporation develops and manufactures power solutions. The company offers AC/DC power supplies, AC/DC adapters, DC/DC converters, power converters, LED drivers, linear transformers, medical power supplies, COTS power supplies, ultra-low leakage power supplies, and medical isolation transformers. It also offers standard and custom EMI/EMC/RFI filters for power, EMI filter, and electronic controls applications. The company offers its products for industrial, semiconductor manufacturing, medical, consumer appliance, military, and aerospace markets worldwide. It sells its products online. The company was formerly known as Astrodyne Corporation and changed its name to Astrodyne TDI

Astrodyne TDI is a leading provider of power conversion products to semiconductor equipment manufacturers, industrial systems suppliers, medical device designers, commercial aerospace applications as well as military markets. With design engineering and manufacturing centers in both the US and China, Astodyne TDI provides both the technical expertise and globally-enabled production to rely on as your power solutions provider. With a Power Supply legacy extending more than 50 years, Astrodyne TDI provides unique solutions for AC and DC power at levels from 1W to more than 500kW.

Astrodyne Corporation is a global developer and manufacturer of advanced power conversion components for demanding applications that protect and enhance peoples’ lives. Astrodyne’s family of innovative switching power supply and DC/DC converter products are designed specifically for challenging applications for Medical, Aerospace, Defense, and Industrial devices and systems. Astrodyne wide variety of products include the Jerome Industries and RO Associates brands, designed and built by our experienced staff in our dedicated facilities worldwide.
MANSFIELD, Mass., Nov. 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Astrodyne Corporation announced today that it has acquired TDI Power ("TDI") from private owners. Headquartered in Hackettstown, New Jersey, TDI designs and manufactures power supplies and integrated systems for semiconductor manufacturing, industrial, medical, mil/aero and other end markets. TDI targets demanding applications requiring precise voltage and/or current in harsh or highly variable conditions.


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