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Kodenshi Initially based on Kyoto Japan in 1972, Kodenshi Korea Corp, became world's leading opto electronic expert which has three core position accumulated by 30years experience expanding its bases to Iksan Korea in 1980 and Shenyang China in 1992.
Kodenshi provides the role of "eye" in various application-digital camera, printer, copy machine, security equipment, robot, IT equipment and OA equipment-with its components.
Composition units such as optic receiver module, photo coupler, photo interrupter, optic fiber transmission module, optical storage photo IC, data transceiver module, LED print head and multi function module/unit.
Kodenshi Korea Corp. is trying to maximize profit by having NO,1 company in its field, and also trying to be a company leading the market with its original products.
Kodenshi Korea Corp. who has been making a contribution to the society with world's leading companies, will keep leading "light" era as NO.1 technical/product's friend for customers who are watching us for the future.
According to the Kodenshi AUK Group they are currently the largest optoelectronic manufacturer in South Korea.


Power semiconductor device
Ambient Light Sensors
Proximity Sensors
Infrared Emitters & Detectors
Optical Compound Devices
Photo Interrupter

Home automation in such appliances as: TVs, Set-Top Boxes, DVDs, Audio players, Camcorders, Video Game Consoles, Cameras, Air Conditioners, Microwave Ovens, and Refrigerators.

Office automation in such appliances as: Computers, Printers, Mobile Phones, CD drives, Copiers, Fax Machines.

Other application fields include: Automobile, Ambient Light Sensors & Proximity Sensors, Vending Machines, Robots, ATMs, and Blood Glucose meter.