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WD-SandiskSanDisk is the largest supplier of NAND flash storage cards for data storage in a compact removable format. These are used in digital cameras, multimedia cellular phones, USB flash drives, gaming devices, laptop computers, personal computers, audio players and video players.
SanDisk Corporation offers flash storage solutions. The Company designs, develops and manufactures data storage solutions in a range of form factors using flash memory, controller, firmware and software technologies. The Company operates through flash memory storage products segment. Its solutions include a range of solid state drives (SSD), embedded products, removable cards, universal serial bus (USB), drives, wireless media drives, digital media players, and wafers and components. It offers SSDs for client computing applications, which encompass desktop computers, notebook computers, tablets and other computing devices. Its embedded products are used for embedded storage for mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and other portable and wearable devices, as well as in automotive and connected home applications. Its removable products include cards, USB flash drives, Wireless Drives and Digital Media Players at a range of storage capacities. It sells memory wafers and memory components. On May 12, 2016, SanDisk was acquired by hard drive manufacturer Western Digital in a US$19 billion deal.

SanDisk Semiconductor An Innovator Advancing an Industry
For a quarter of a century, SanDisk has been at the forefront of flash memory. From our early days as a Silicon Valley start-up to our current position as a global leader in flash memory storage solutions and as a Fortune 500 and S&P 500 company, we have always focused on making people's digital lives better. Today, that commitment continues in the enterprise data center, on mobile devices, and in consumer's homes, as we strive to enrich people's lives anytime, anywhere.
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