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Zetex Semiconductors Zetex Semiconductors

Diodes Zetex Semiconductors Limited designs and manufactures linear integrated circuits and discrete semiconductor products. It provides analog semiconductor products for signal processing and power management. Diodes Zetex Semiconductors Limited was formerly known as Zetex Semiconductors plc and changed its name to Diodes Zetex Semiconductors Limited in April 2004. The company was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Oldham, United Kingdom with sales offices in Munich, Hong Kong, and New York. The company has package development, assembly, and test facilities in Germany and China, as well as subcontractors in Asia. Diodes Zetex Semiconductors Limited operates as a subsidiary of Diodes Zetex Limited.

Zetex acquired by Diodes Inc.

Zetex Semiconductors 
Zetex Semiconductors is now Diodes Incorporated

Diodes Incorporated is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality application specific standard products within the broad discrete, logic, and analog semiconductor markets. Diodes serves the consumer electronics, computing, communications, industrial, and automotive markets. Product focus is on high-growth end-user equipment markets such as TV/Satellite set-top boxes, portable DVD players, datacom devices, ADSL modems, power supplies, medical devices, PCs and notebooks, flat panel displays, digital cameras, mobile handsets, DC-to-DC conversion, Wireless 802.11 LAN access points, brushless DC motor fans and automotive applications.

Diodes' products include diodes, rectifiers, transistors, MOSFETs, protection devices, functional specific arrays, single gate logic, amplifiers and comparators, Hall-effect and temperature sensors; power management devices, including LED drivers, DC-DC switching and linear voltage regulators, and voltage references along with special function devices, such as USB power switches, load switches, voltage supervisors, and motor controllers.
Zetex Semiconductors Technology:
Zetex Semiconductors provides high-performance semiconductor solutions for signal processing and power management applications in the automotive, communications, consumer, and industrial market segments.
Zetex acquired by Diodes Inc.

The company’s portfolio comprises power management and signal management products that are used in various applications, such as cellular phones, digital cameras, home theater, hand-held games, PDAs, laptops, and battery chargers; and IC products, including LED drivers for LCD back lighting, single/dual cell boost converters, current monitors, and fan motor controllers. It also offers audio, video, and direct broadcast by satellite (DBS) products, such as analog and digital audio amplifiers, video sync separators, video amplifiers, and LNB bias controllers; and discrete semiconductor products, including low on-resistance N and P channel MOSFETs, low saturation bipolar transistors, Schottky rectifiers, and varactor diodes.