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Alcor Micro Corporation

Alcor-Micro Alcor Micro has been focusing on delivering single chip solutions with superb quality for the computer peripherals & consumer electronics market for the last ten years. Along the way, Alcor Micro has committed itself in pursing advanced R & D, actively participating in various key industry associations, the establishment of a solid product qualification/certification system and the building up of a support team with application-oriented technology.


USB Flash Disk Controller (AU87100)

USB3.0 Super Speed interface

Single channel access

Crystal-less design
Integrated build-in Regulator
1.2V low power operation

NAND Flash Support




Alcorlink Products (AU9560)

Communication interface: USB Full Speed/UART(RS232)

Support single slot
Support ISO7816 T0, T1 protocol
Support ISO7816 Class A, B and C (5V/3V/1.8V) card
Embedded Clock source


Zetta StorTek Products (AU7310T)

SD v3.0 (UHS104)

1 Channel flash access

72bit per 1KB ECC

Embedded BCT

Flash supported:

       2x/1xnm MLC

       2x/1xnm TLC (eD3)

       ONFI/Toggle DDR flash