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Central Semiconductor Corporation

wide array of discrete semiconductors

central-semi-logo Central Semiconductor Corp. manufactures world-class discrete semiconductors in surface mount and leaded packages. Device families include small signal transistors, switching diodes, bipolar power transistors, zener diodes, schottky diodes, and current limiting diodes. With its unique combination of support for trailing edge technology and innovation, Central continues to build its reputation for manufacturing the highest-quality devices, delivered on time, with outstanding service, at reasonable prices. More than 1,500 customers know they can call on Central for standard devices and special, selected, or custom devices, with reasonable minimum orders. Solving customers' most challenging problems is the key to mutual future success.

Central Semiconductor Corp. manufactures a wide range of discrete semiconductors in surface mount and through hole packages to support the ever changing requirements of designers worldwide. Devices are also available in bare die in full wafers, waffle pack and chip tray packing. Central's products are manufactured to the highest standards to insure performance and reliability.

• Surface mount devices
Central Semiconductor's surface mount products include the most popular industry standard devices and packages, as well as custom products designed to meet customer's ever changing requirements.

• Through-hole devices
Central's complete line of through-hole devices.

• Bare die Newly revised data
Devices available in bare die.

• Thyristors (Through-hole and surface mount) 
Central's complete line of through-hole and surface mount Thyristors.

• Diminishing source product support

View a current list of devices discontinued by other manufacturers, but still manufactured by in Central Semiconductor.

• Current limiting diodes (CLD)
View reference material on current limiting diodes

Since 1974, Central Semiconductor has been the go-to company for customers around the world who want innovative and reliable discrete semiconductors. Today, Central supplies leading-edge discretes for the hottest high-tech products, from wearable electronics to tablet computers to wireless products and smart devices. Cisco Systems, HP, IBM, ITT, Motorola and Sony are among Central's top customers. At the same time, Central continues to manufacture older technology devices still needed by many manufacturers of products with long life cycles.