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Chicago Miniature Lighting

Chicago Miniature is now VCC.

Vcc logo ChML is a leading name in the world of aviation where their high quality incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, and LED products have been a top choice for years. ChML also manufactures specific lamps for applications in medical instrumentation and technology including microscope lamps, operating theater lighting, dental lamps, and a wide variety of medical equipment.

Working with light since 1931, CML is the market leader in the field of miniature lighting for signalisation. POWAY, CA (July 19, 2012) VCC Optoelectronics, LLC (VCC), a pioneer in the development and delivery of today's most high performance and innovative LED indication solutions, has purchased the complete Indication and Illumination product lines, as well as their related patents and intellectual property, from Chicago Miniature Lighting, LLC (ChML). Working with light since 1910, ChML is a worldwide s upplier of miniature lighting co mponents and LED solutions for a wide range of markets and applications. With this latest acquisition, VCC is now the largest global supplier of LED indication solutions.

Chicago Miniature Lamp is a VCC company offering light pipes, PCB LED indicator lights, panel lenses, LED panel indicator lights, incandescent & neon indicator lights, surface mount LED chips, and through-hole LEDs.

Chicago Miniature Lighting (ChML), with over 150 years experience, is uniquely qualified to provide lighted component requirements. Chicago Miniature's product capabilities range from discrete lamps to circuit board, panel indicators, and complete custom assemblies. Discrete products include: LED Lighting, Incandescent Products, Halogen Products, Panel Mount Indicators, Neon Lamps.