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CITEL-logo Since 1937, CITEL Inc has manufactured a complete line of surge protective devices (SPD) to protect sensitive equipment from the harmful effects of lightning strikes and other power line disturbances. CITEL is a world leader in transient voltage surge suppression products and components including AC power surge protection, DC power surge protectors, RF coaxial surge suppressors and the component gas discharge tube (GDT) surge arrestor.

The users of electronic equipment and telephone and data-processing systems must face the problem of keeping this equipment in operation in spite of the transient overvoltages induces by lightning. There are several reasons for this fact (1) the high level of integration of electronic components makes the equipment more vulnerable, (2) interruption of service is unacceptable (3) data transmission networks cover large areas and are exposed to more disturbances.

Utility-Interactive or Grid-Tie Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems are very demanding and cost intensive projects.

The solar PV arrays, with its metallic frame and mounted in the open or on roof tops, act as a very good lightning rod. For this reason, it is prudent to invest in a Surge Protective Device or SPD to eliminate these potential threats and thus maximize the systems life expectancy.

Telecommunication and data transmission devices (PBX, modems, data terminals, sensors, etc...) are increasingly more vulnerable to lightning induced voltage surges.

They have become more sensitive, complex and have an increased vulnerability to induced surges due to their possible connection across several different networks.

Radio communication equipment deployed in fixed, nomadic or mobile applications is especially vulnerable to lightning strikes because of their application in exposed areas.

The most common disruption to service continuity result from transient surges originating from direct lightning strikes to the antenna pole, surrounding ground system or induced onto connections between these two areas.

Today's microprocessor based electronic equipment are increasingly more vulnerable to lightning induced voltage surges and electrical switching transients because they have become more sensitive, and complex to protect due to their high chip density, binary logic functions and connection across different networks.

These devices are critical to a company's communications and information processing and typically can have an impact on the bottom line; as such it is prudent to insure them against these potentially costly and disruptive events


AC Surge Protection
- Service Entrance
- Branch Panel
- Equipment Level

Coaxial Protection
- Gas Tube
- Hybrid
- Filter

Data Line Surge Protection
- Din Rail Mount
- Wallmount
- Surface Mount
- Rackmount
- Conduit Mount

DC Surge Protection
- Grid Tie
- Off Grid

Gas Discharge Tubes
- Electrodes
- Electrodes
- Specialty