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Comtrol Corporation

Comtrol-logo Comtrol Corporation designs and manufactures networking and industrial data communication products. The company specializes in industrial Ethernet and device connectivity. Its products include industrial Ethernet switches, industrial IO-link gateways, industrial Ethernet gateways, Ethernet device servers, wireless device servers, multi-port serial cards, multi-modem cards, USB serial hubs, media converters, power supplies and cords, and accessories. The company serves broadcast, energy, government, hospitality, industrial, medical, security, and transportation markets. It markets and sells its products through distributors, resellers, and integrators worldwide. The company was founded in 1982 and is based in New Brighton, Minnesota.

Comtrol is an expert device connectivity manufacturer, and provider of networking solutions for hospitality, security, energy, retail, and industrial automation applications. Comtrolís products connect, transmit, and transform information between devices and systems for process control and management. In addition, they enable data communications for remote LAN and Internet access, and offer powerful delivery platforms for application-specific embedded systems.


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  • DeviceMaster ® Ethernet Device Servers
    DeviceMaster ®
    Ethernet Device Servers
  • RocketPort ® Multi-Port Serial Cards
    RocketPort ®
    Multi-Port Serial
  • RocketLinx ® Industrial Ethernet Switches
    RocketLinx ®
    Industrial Ethernet Switches
  • DeviceMaster ® UP
    Industrial Ethernet Gateways
  • IO-Link Master Industrial IO-Link Gateway
    IO-Link Master
    Industrial IO-Link Gateway
  • RocketPort ® USB Serial Hubs
    RocketPort ®
    USB Serial Hubs
  • RocketLinx ® Media Converters
    RocketLinx ®
    Media Converters
  • RocketModem ® Multi-Modem Cards
    RocketModem ®
    Multi-Modem Cards
  • DeviceMaster ® FreeWire Wireless Device Servers
    DeviceMaster ®
    FreeWire Wireless
    Device Servers
  • Power Supplies and Cord
    Power Supplies and Cords
  • Product Accessories
    Product Accessories