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Intersil Corporation


Intersil Corporation is a leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance analog, mixed signal, and power management semiconductors. Intersil's products simplify the design process by integrating functions design engineers need to make their products the best in their markets in a very efficient way. Intersil products include: amplifiers, analog multiplexers, FET drivers, PWM controllers, interface ICs, switches and video ICs.
Intersil Corporation is an American global company formed in August 1999 through the acquisition of the semiconductor business of Harris Corporation. Intersil is a power management IC company, specializing in the development of highly efficient power management and precision analog technology for applications in industrial, infrastructure, mobile, automotive and aerospace.
The company supplies a full range of power IC solutions including battery management, computing power, display power, regulators and controllers and power modules; as well as precision analog components such as amplifiers and buffers, proximity and light sensors, data converters, timing products, optoelectronics and interface products.
As a major supplier to the military and aerospace industries, Intersil’s product development methodologies reflect experience designing products to meet the highest standards for reliability and performance in challenging environments.


    Power Management

        Battery Management

        Computing Power VRM/IMVP

        Display Power and Backlighting

        Hot Plug and ORing

        Isolated Power

        LED Drivers

        Linear Regulation

        LNB Regulators

        MOSFET Drivers

        Power Modules

        Power Supply Support

        Switching Controllers

        Switching Regulators

        Zilker Labs Digital Power

    Amplifiers & Buffers

        All Amplifiers



        Current Sense

        Diff Amps

        Display Amplifiers and Buffers

        Gain Blocks

        High Speed Op Amps

        Instrumentation Amplifiers

        Line Drivers

        Precision Amps

        Sample and Hold Amplifiers

        Transistor Arrays

    Audio & Video


        Audio Switches

        Buffered Video MUXs



        Display ICs

        Security Surveillance

        Video Decoders/Encoders

        Video ICs

        Video Products from Techwell

        Video Switching

    Data Converters

        High Speed A/D Converters

        Precision A/D Converters

        D/A Converters


        Digital Potentiometers (DCPs)

        Sample and Hold Amplifiers

        Voltage References

    End Market Specific

        ATE ICs

        Automotive ICs

        Communications ICs

        Optical Storage

        LED Drivers

        Security Surveillance



        Serial Interface

        Signal Integrity Products

        Other Interface


        Ambient Light Sensors

        Ambient Light and Proximity Sensors

        Laser Diode Drivers

        Optical Storage

        Proximity Sensors

    Space & Harsh Environment


        Harsh Environment

        Rad Hard Analog

        Rad Hard Digital

        Rad Hard Power


    Switches / MUXes / Crosspoints

        Low Voltage

        Medium Voltage

        High Voltage

        Audio Switches

        Buffered Video MUXs



        Video Switching

    Timing & Digital

        Clock Generators

        Counters/Time Base ICs



        Microprocessors and Periperals


    Other Analog

        Digital Potentiometers (DCPs)

        Noise Canceler

        Special Analog

        Voltage References

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