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Princeton Technology Corp

ptc-logo PTC is a fabless IC design company headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan with R&D centers in Hsin-Chu (Taiwan) and the USA, subsidiaries in Shenzhen (China) and Chengdu (China), and a branch office in Japan. PTC has been listed on the Taiwan OTC (over-the-counter) market since 2001.

Since its founding in 1986, PTC has become a leader in Taiwan in consumer IC design. In the highly competitive automotive IC market, PTC has established a reputation for superior quality, having numerous products certified and adopted by prominent automobile manufacturers. PTC’s products include Display Driver ICs, Multimedia Audio Controller ICs, Motor Driver ICs, RF ICs, Encoder/Decoder ICs, Remote Control ICs, and ASICs and are suitable for a wide range of applications, including automotive dash-board and multimedia devices, portable audio players, digital TVs, home audio/video appliances, DSCs, DSLRs, monitoring cameras, and car security systems.

More recently, in response to the rise in importance of Green Power (Energy Conservation), PTC has invested in developing IC technology for energy-saving solutions and has successfully designed a series of energy-saving Ballast Driver ICs, LED Lighting/Backlight Driver ICs, and BLDC (Brushless DC) Motor ICs, which can be applied to a variety of indoor/outdoor lighting and motor control products.

PTC has accumulated many years of IC design experience and most recently has been involved heavily in the development of MCU (Microcontroller Unit) products. Nimble execution of product strategies to meet market trends and strong support from the world’s leading foundry partners allow PTC to continually launch new products and effectively enter emerging markets.


Display Driver IC
Character VFD Driver / Controller IC
Dot Matrix LCD Driver IC (for LCM)
LCD Clock IC
LCD Common + Segment Driver IC
LCD Character Driver IC
Segment Type LCD Driver IC (for LCM)
Multi-Function LCD Segment Driver IC
TFT LCD Gate Driver IC
TFT LCD Source Driver IC
VFD Clock IC
VFD Driver / Controller IC
VFD Driver IC
VFD Front Panel Control Driver IC
OLED Segment Type Driver / Controller IC
OLED Dot Matrix Driver / Controller IC

LED Driver IC
LED Backlight Driver IC
LED Display Driver IC
LED Front Panel Control Driver
LED Lighting Driver IC
Sign Board LED Driver IC
Decoration LED Driver IC
Touch LED Driver IC

Motor Driver IC
Micro-Step Motor Driver IC
Multi-Channel Motor Driver IC
High Voltage Stepping Motor Driver IC
DC Motor Driver IC
Three Phase BLDC Motor Driver IC
HV Gate Driver IC
Mid-Voltage Stepping Motor Driver IC
LV Gate Driver IC
MOSFET for 3-Phase Motor Driver
Multimedia Audio IC
3D Sound Processor
AC3 Decoder IC
Audio Processor(For Car Audio)
Audio Processor(General Purpose)
Audio Processor(High Performance)
Broadband Video Switch
Class-AB Audio Power Amplifier
Class-D Audio Power Amplifier
Digital-to-Analog Converter
Echo Processor
Electronic Volume Controller(2 Channels)
Electronic Volume Controller(6 Channels)
Headphone Driver
Multiple Function Audio Amplifier (Class-AB)
Preset Equalizer
Class-F Audio Power Amplifier
Multiple Function Audio Amplifier (Class-D )

Ballast Driver IC
Ballast Driver IC
Dimming Ballast Driver IC


Power IC
AC-DC Converter IC
DC-DC Converter IC
Power Amplifier IC
Receiver IC
Transceiver IC
Transmitter IC
Line Driver IC

Remote Control IC
Remote Control Receiver IC
Remote Control Transmitter IC

Encoder/Decoder IC
Fixed Code Decoder IC
Fixed Code Encoder IC
Programmable Polyfuse Encoder IC
Programmable OTP Encoder IC
Programmable OTP & Rolling Encoder IC

I/O Expander IC
I/O Expander IC

PT32M - Motor Control Solution
PT32C - Connectivity Solutions