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Rabbit-Semiconductor-logo Rabbit Semiconductor provides low-cost, quick-to-market solutions for a variety of networked embedded systems. Rabbit's RabbitCore microprocessor core modules and customizable single-bard computer solutions offer fast and powerful development solutions with a variety of form factors, I/O configurations, and memory. These solutions are used in building security, point of sale, parking systems, telecommunications, vehicle and ship systems, container tracking and a broad variety of similar applications. Rabbit bundles hardware and software together, creating an engineer-friendly development environment.

Rabbit Semiconductor was purchased in 2006 by Digi International. Rabbit Semiconductor, Inc. manufactures and markets 8-bit microprocessors and development tools for embedded control, communications, and Ethernet connectivity. The company offers development kits, microprocessor core modules, Rabbit MiniCores, single-board computers, Rabbit microprocessors, Rabbit programmable I/O expansions, expandable control systems, application kits, operator interfaces with I/O, Ethernet and TCP/IP, connectivity products, and integrated development software, as well as peripherals and accessories, such as expansion cards, serial flashes, spare parts, components, and other accessories. Its products are used in various applications, which comprise automated meter reading devices, biodefense systems, wireless fleet/asset tracking and management, audio/video/broadcast equipment control, environmental test chambers, retail point-of-sale (POS) systems, traffic monitoring devices, portable/handheld devices, and broadband applications. The company serves manufacturing, communications, instrumentation, industrial control, utility/energy, security/access control, and medical/health care industries. The company was founded in 1983 and is based in Davis, California. Rabbit Semiconductor, Inc. was formerly known as Z-World, Inc.

Digi International's Rabbit products include high-performance single-board computers, embedded core modules and operator interfaces. These products can be used for industrial embedded control, communications and Ethernet connectivity in a variety of applications, including vehicle and ship systems, gaming devices, building security, point-of-sale, parking systems, telecommunications, container tracking and others. With Rabbit products, customers have access to a complete embedded design system and comprehensive technical support for both hardware and software issues, creating an engineer-friendly development environment.