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Rectron Semiconductors

Rectron Semiconductor

RECTRON is a leading manufacturer of power semiconductors, offering a comprehensive range of rectifiers including bridge rectifiers, switching diodes, zener diodes, signal transistors and transient voltage suppressors. Product technologies include schottky barrier, ultra fast, super fast, epitaxial, high efficiency, fast recovery, and standard recovery, which is available in a proprietary glass passivated junction construction that significantly increases long term and environmental reliability. All product technologies are produced in a variety of topologies and include axial lead ,SIP, DIP, CASE, surface mount, SOD, SMA, SMB, SMC, DIP, chip & die custom packages.

With over 20 years of rectifier manufacturing experience, Rectron is widely accepted as the de-facto standard at major OEM's in every geographic location. Rectron credits a workforce of nearly 2000 experienced and dedicated employees as the most valuable asset in ensuring that Rectron remains a world leader in quality rectifier manufacturing.



      Bridge Rectifiers

      Fast Recovery Rectifiers

      Glass Passivated

      High Efficiency

      High Voltage

      Schottky Rectifiers

      Signal-Switching Diodes

      Standard Rectifiers

      Super Fast Rectifiers

      Transient Voltage Suppress.


      Zener Diodes