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Richtek Technology Corporation

Richtek-logo Founded in 1998, Richtek Technology Corporation is one of the world's leading analog IC companies. The company consistently delivers inventive power management solutions that improve the cost and performance of electrical equipment. Richtek delivers inventive power management solutions that improve the performance of consumer electronics, computers, and communications equipment. Richtek's technological innovation and uncompromised quality have led them to become one of the world's leading analog IC companies.

Richtek Technology Corporation, an analog IC company, provides power management solutions in Taiwan and internationally. It offers linear regulators comprising multiple and single output linear regulators, and linear DDR terminators; switching regulators, such as step-up (boost) converters, step-down (buck) converters, buck-boost converters, step-up (boost) controllers, step-down (buck) controllers, and multi-phase step-down controllers; reference voltage generators and Vcore controllers; DC/DC, AC/DC, MR16, and linear lighting LED drivers, as well as white LED drivers. The company also provides battery management products, including multi cell switching chargers, battery protectors, photo-flash capacitor chargers, single cell li-ion battery chargers, wireless power solutions, and battery gauges; OVP, housekeeping, reset IC, and monitoring and protection supervisors; flyback, half-bridge, and PFC controllers; HV MOSFET/IGBT drivers and secondary side regulators; HV and LV audio amplifiers, and audio switches; motor controllers; accelerometers; and power switches, operational amplifiers, MOSFET drivers, PC system buck controllers, and power management multi-channel ICs. Its products are used in various applications, such as mother boards, notebooks, LED lighting, handheld devices, networked communication products, large flat panel displays, LCD TVs, and AC/DC power supply products. In addition, the company offers technical documents, reference design, cross reference, design tools, and parametric search services. Richtek Technology Corporation was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Zhubei, Taiwan. Richtek Technology Corporation is a subsidiary of Hsu-Si Investment Corp.