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We provide engineering, prototype and low to high volume production cable assemblies to a wide variety of industries, including medical and life sciences, computers, phones, mobile, robotics, industrial equipment and automation, test and measurement equipment and clean energy.

In today's interconnected world, where technology and data play a vital role in our daily lives, the importance of cable harness manufacturers cannot be understated. Cable harnesses, also known as wire harnesses or wiring looms, serve as the backbone of electrical and electronic systems, enabling seamless connectivity and efficient transmission of power and signals. Cable harness manufacturers are pivotal in the contemporary electronic industry, playing a crucial role in its landscape. Cable harness manufacturers' contributions span across multiple industries, underscoring the importance of their expertise in the design, production, and integration of cable harness solutions.

Cable Design Cable Manufacturer Electronics is Global source for Electronic parts and components IBS Electronics offers Cable Designing & Cable Manufacturing.

IBS Electronics specialize’s in high quality cable assemblies and harnesses for applications across the industry.

IBS Advantages:
  • Cable Design & Engineering Services
  • Rapid Cable Prototypes
  • Custom Molding & Tooling Design
  • Turnkey Cable Projects
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Very Competitive Pricing
  • High & Consistent Product Quality
Cable-assembly We offer custom cables and wire harness assemblies to OEM and ODM customers. We also work with overseas partners to provide low-cost molded cable assemblies where lead times and quantities permit.

IBS Electonics Wire Harness & Cable Assembly

  • Custom Fiber Optic Patch Cords: Singlemode, Multimode, Duplex, Simplex , Multicore fiber configurations, etc.
  • Cable15SAS Cables and SATA Cables: Standard and Custom SATA, eSATA, SAS and Drive Cables -external Raid connections and disk arrays as well as internal high speed disk drive cables.
  • Ribbon Cables: ATA, Serial ATA Cables, Internal Round Cable Assemblies, Shielded Ribbon, eIDE and IDE cables
  • Electromechanical Assemblies: Wire Panel Assemblies, Rapid Manufacturing, Built to Specs, Design & Prototypes, Electro-mechanical harnesses, power cables, signal and alarm.
  • Network Cables and Patch Cords: Custom, fully tested patch cables, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat6e, Cat6a, Cat7, T1/E1 cables, T3/E3.
  • Custom Computer Cables: Internal, external, Audio/ Video, SCSI, USB, IEEE-1394
  • RF Cable Assemblies: Flexible RF cable assemblies, Semi-rigid, and Conformable RF cables

By precisely integrating cables, connectors, and components, harness manufacturers reduce the overall footprint, minimize signal loss, and optimize power distribution. This not only enhances system performance but also enables cost savings by eliminating the need for excess wiring and reducing assembly time. Moreover, we can leverage economies of scale by sourcing components in bulk, negotiating favorable pricing, and passing these cost benefits onto our customers.

If you need a custom cable, custom wire harness, or custom cable assembly, we offer custom cable design and manufacturing services, and can assist with every step of the process, from design, to prototyping, and manufacturing.

Whether you require modifications to existing components or entirely new designs, IBS Electronics is well-equipped to provide the necessary support and expertise. We understand the importance of flexibility and adaptability in today's fast-paced electronics landscape, and our commitment to delivering tailored solutions reflects our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

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