Coating Electronic Components

Conformal coatings / Paints

conformal-coating Conformal coatings for printed circuit boards cure tack free in seconds upon exposure to UV/Visible light to help streamline manufacturing assembly processes. Apply, cure, and ship immediately and eliminate the time-consuming steps of traditional thermal-cure and room temperature-cure conformal coatings. Dymax conformal coatings are available for tin whisker mitigation, humid environments, and shadowed areas. They are electrically insulated so they can be applied over the entire PCB surface or in select areas to provide protection from service environments.

Conformal Coatings help protect electronic assemblies from environmental stresses, water, dust, and other materials that could be damaging to sensitive components. Ellsworth Adhesives offers one and two part conformal coatings in a variety of chemistries including acrylic, polyurethane, silicone, epoxy, UV curing, and strippers. These products are very popular in transportation, defense, general industry, consumer products, power, and lighting industries. Nearly all systems are MIL-46058C and IPC CC830B specified, and have some level of UL acceptance.

With materials for Thermal Interface Materials, Conformal Coatings, Sealants, Surface Mount Adhesives and Display Sealants, the LOCTITE name has become synonymous with innovation and superior performance. What's more, all LOCTITE materials are backed by Henkel's decades of formulation expertise, unmatched global support infrastructure and indisputable in-field results.

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