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Permabond Permabond Adhesive Solutions for Industry

Permabond is a leading manufacturer of engineering adhesives, supplying high-quality industrial adhesives to customers worldwide. Permabond has offices in The Americas, Europe and Asia and a worldwide network of distributors to assist you with your specific bonding and sealing requirements.

Permabond offers Medical Device adhesives, pipe sealants, threadlocking adhesives, retaining compounds, flange sealants, activators and primers. Permabond products also include two part acrylic adhesive/activator systems for use in metal and magnet bonding applications.
Permabond offers an extensive range of anaerobic adhesives and sealants (threadlockers, retaining compounds, pipe sealants and gasketing adhesives), cyanoacrylate (instant adhesive), epoxy, acrylic and UV-curable adhesives (ideal for glass and plastic bonding).

Toughened Acrylics
UV Cure Adhesives
Epoxy Single Part
Epoxy Two Part
  • Anaerobic
  • Cyanoacrylate
  • Epoxy
  • UV-Curing
  • Anaerobic-Threadlocker
  • Activator

Permabond draws from various adhesive technologies to provide adhesive solutions for bonding, sealing, and potting applications. The product categories (adhesive technologies) are listed below. Contact us for assistance in selecting the best adhesive solution for your application.

Anaerobic Adhesives and Sealants

Uses: threadlocking, threadsealing (or pipesealing), form-in-place gasketing, retaining, bearing fit, bullet sealing, sealing weld porosities.

Cure mechanism: single part, cures in the presence of metal / absence of oxygen.

Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

Uses: bonding rubber, plastic, metals and wood. Ideal for small assemblies / fast moving production lines.

Cure mechanism: single part, moisture cure.

Epoxies – Two Part

Uses: structural bonding, potting, coating, encapsulation.

Cure mechanism: Two-part epoxy products require resin and hardener to be mixed. Can be cured at ambient or heated for a faster cure

Epoxies – Single Part

Uses: structural bonding, potting, coating, encapsulation

Cure mechanism: Single part epoxies require a high temperature heat cure (e.g. oven).

Flexible Adhesives

Uses: bonding, potting, encapsulating.

Cure mechanism: Single component moisture cure and two component products available.

Polyurethane Adhesives

Uses: bonding, potting, encapsulating.

Cure mechanism: Two component resin and hardener.

Structural Acrylic

Uses: structural bonding of metals, composites, plastics, glass, magnets and ferrites.

Cure mechanism: No-mix adhesive with initiator, bead-on-bead resin & hardener, 2-part pre-mix with nozzles and single-part products available.

UV Light Adhesives

Uses: bonding glass or plastic to itself or other substrates e.g. metal. Produces a clear, transparent, non-yellowing finish.

Cure mechanism: Single-part, cures rapidly on exposure to UV light. Some products can be cured by visible light. Dual cure products also available (anaerobic-UV or moisture cure-UV).

Permabond adhesives and sealants can be used to lock bolts and to form gaskets in many types of valves, including globe valves, electric ball valves and butterfly valves.

Permabond structural acrylic adhesive is designed primarily for bonding metals, ferrites, ceramics and some thermoplastics. The adhesive can be used in a variety of structural bonding applications thanks to its versatile capabilities.

Permabond toughened acrylic adhesive is designed primarily for bonding metals, ferrites, ceramics, wood and some thermoplastics. It can be used in a variety of structural bonding applications.