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 Supper GlueSuper Glue Corporation/Pacer Technology

Super Glue Corporation manufactures, produces, and distributes bonding agents and adhesive for customers in the United States and internationally. The company offers engineering adhesives; Bondini glues that instantly bonds dirty, grimy, and oily surfaces; adhesive products for hobbyists specializing in crafts and custom stationery projects; thread lockers, sealants, epoxies, maintenance, and repair products for industrial and home needs; Pro Seal for heavy machinery and automotives; non-industrial grade products; and cosmetic adhesives. Its products are used in arts and crafts, technical industries, and automotive sectors, as well as in household tasks and repairs, personal crafts, and office applications. The company was founded in 1974 and is based in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Super Glue Corporation operates as a subsidiary of Pacer Technology.

Super Glue Corporation/Pacer Technology has grown exponentially over the last four decades to become the worldwide leader in the manufacture of high grade bonding agents. Our most famous line, the Super Glue adhesive, is our signature product recognized around the world as a standard of quality, strength, and performance.

Super Glue products have hundreds of uses, and are perfect adhesives when safely used. Adhering to basic safety precautions will help ensure that your application is a successful one!

Besides the potent bonding power of the adhesives, one of the greatest strengths of Super Glue products is their extensive versatility - a nearly limitless range of application uses! 
Super Glue products are extremely fast curing and provide high bond strengths on nearly all plastic and rubber materials. Our wide range of products are useful in almost all industries, from simple arts and crafts to highly techical industrial and automotive sectors. If you need something to be fastened quickly with precision and strength, our products are right for you! 

Super Glue Corporation also produces many non-industrial grade products for an incredibly diverse number of applications. For years, the cosmetic industry has recognized the value of the quick, safe bond of Super Glue, and has used our prodcuts for a myriad of applications ranging from fingernails to toenails. Hobbyists also value the precision and ease that our patented tips provide, for they are formulated to prevent clogging and designed to ensure maximum shelf life. Furthermore, clients with special needs frequently turn to Super Glue Corporation to design and create a bonding agent that satisfies specific desires not met by any of our off the shelf products. Most companies cannot provide this level of satisfaction, but at Super Glue Corporation we challenge ourselves to provide our clients with the highest level of service possible.

Super Glue Brands and Products

Super Glue
Original powerful formula for all household, crafts, extra-strong future glue, epoxies, office products and more. 
Magic glue that instantly bonds dirty, grimy, oily surfaces, even penetrates grease. A variety of products for all uses...
Front Porch Treasures
Front Porch Treasures'® high quality scrapbooking products are perfect for hobbyists specializing in crafts and custom stationery projects. 
Pacer Technology's Zap offers remier adhesive products for hobby and craft needs. High quality adhesives for any recreational pursuit.
Pacer Industrial
The highest grade adhesives, threadlockers, sealants, epoxies and maintenance & repair products for industrial and home needs 
CLEARLY BETTER® Pro Seal's powerful industrial strength line of adhesives - bonds to dirty or oily surfaces for heavy machinery, automotive and more