IBS 33th Anniversary:IBS Electronics , a global distributor of electronic components, celebrated its 33th Anniversary, at its headquarters in Santa Ana, California. IBS Electronics was founded in 1981 as a value-added distributor of electronic and electro-mechanical components and assemblies.
IBS Electronics is Global source for Electronic parts and components
IBS Electronics , global electronics components distributor, is offering a comprehensive selection of electronic components and computer products. IBS Electronics is warehoused more than 1000,000 at any time. At IBS Electronics, you receive highest level of service, product selection, price and overall value unmatched in the industry. 

Effects of tight supply chain felt Product lines are the lifeblood of distributors. More distributors carry more international brands. The key considerations when carrying brands are the vendors' brand awareness, followed by complementing existing product lines and product quality. More manufacturers pointed to vendors' capacity constraint as a procurement problem.

1980 IBS starts as Distributor specialize in components for power supplies manufacturers worldwide.
1981 IBS starts their component distribution worldwide. It becomes one of major suppliers to Multinational Manufacturers in Fareast.
1982 IBS Designs First C-Ring and E-Ring for Transformer manufacturers to meet VDE Spacing. That is approved in major power supplies manufacturers.
1983 IBS Corporation was created and IBS moved to larger facility in Santa Ana, CA to expand the design and the distribution center.
1987 IBS Becomes one of Major broad-line Component Distributor in Orange County California.
1990 IBS Export World wide it passes its domestic sales by 10 %
1991 IBS Officially establishes Design Facility to Design Custom RF IC and Digital ASIC Design Group.
1994 IBS Achieves ISO9002 Certification of quality for components distribution.
1995 IBS Adds new division to take care of customers worldwide Excess Inventory as additional service.
1996 IBS Moves to new larger facility in Santa Ana to expands the work force and services.
1998 IBS Becomes master distributor for U.K Manufacturer Etal Manufacturer of Coupling Transformers.
2000 IBS Establishes Sales offices in Mexico and Kong to serve customers and principles.
2001 IBS Becomes Electronics Buyer News Top 50 Franchise Distributor.
2002 IBS Becomes Electronics Buyer News Top 46 Franchise Distributor.
2003 IBS Office in Hong Kong Expands to larger facility to service E.M.S's in China.
  • To fulfill your requirements.
  • To provide excellent service and responsiveness.
  • To provide your company with the best quality components available.
  • To stay current with the changing technology, and provide support for engineering.
  • To develop Global Strategy with our customers to help them minimize their overall cost of Procurement.