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Harting Connectors - Mechanical Components Distributor HARTING, based in Germany, is a global leader in the development and manufacture of innovative, durable and reliable products like industrial connectors, communication solutions, board-level and I/O connectors, sensors, cable assemblies and backplane systems. Newark element14 stocks a broad range of HARTING products, created at the highest technical standards and quality, to meet the needs of your projects.

HARTING develops, manufactures and sells electrical and electronic connectors, device terminations, backplanes, network components as well as cable harnesses for networks or machinery, or for power and data application in factories. Our products are used in mechanical and plant engineering, broadcast and entertainment, factory automation, power generation and distribution as well as industrial electronics and telecommunication. Harting focus is on the Connectivity & Networks market segment, with the key emphasis on industry, telecommunications and medical technology.

Harting is a world leading manufacturer of industrial and networking connectors. Famous for DIN 41612 and HAN heavy duty connectors, the Harting range includes a wide range of innovative designs for all kinds of industrial requirements. RS and Harting work together to deliver the products required by design engineers that meet the latest application challenges. Harting increasing number of subsidiaries since 1979; HARTING subsidiaries are currently active in 25 countries worldwide.

  • Industrial Connectors Han
  • Sensor / Actuator Components
  • Fibre Optic Components
  • HARTING Ethernet Network Components
  • HARTING Ethernet Network Cabling
  • HARTING InduNet® System Cable
  • Connectors for TCA
  • Hard metric connectors
  • Multi-Coaxial Connector Systems
  • Interface connectors
  • har-bus® 64 connector system
  • DIN 41 612 connectors
Markets and Applications

Machine Manufacturing
HARTING machine manufacturing e.g. machine tools, machinery for plastic processing, metal and wood processing machinery, food & beverage processing and packaging machines.

Information Technology (IT)
HARTING IT connectors support various segments in the overall IT industry. These segments include: semiconductor equipment and machinery manufacturers, power supply manufacturers, and producers of high end data storage and server systems.

Factory Automation
HARTING Han® Connectors are commonly used in many areas of Factory Automation and especially automotive manufacturing. Robotics, machine tools, material handling, conveyors, painting, engine building, and body assembly all take advantage from the robust and reliable Han connector family.

Transportation - Rail
HARTING technology is also being used in the railway industry in both rolling stock and safety equipment.

HARTING Technology in energy generation from both renewable and conventional resources, also energy transmission and distribution.

Han® Industrial Connectors
 Han Industrial Connectors

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Ethernet Switches
 Ethernet Switches

In addition to offering full lines of electrical and electronic connectors, HARTING?…


RFID system components.

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