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Apem IncAPEM is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of professional switches and switch panels. They are a vertical integrated manufacturer that has a manufacturing footprint in four continents and eight countries and employs over 1200 people. APEM's core competency is man/machine interface products in an array of switching products. They offer the widest range of discrete switch product types that can be used on the PCB and the panel. APEM also manufactures a complete line of LED panel indicators that are used in high reliable applications where quality and sealing is a must. APEM manufactures and sells professional switch products to customers in such dynamic markets as electronics, telecommunications, military, automotive, instrumentation, medical electronics and the computer industry. The company supplies more than 11,000 customers world-wide.

APEM develops and manufactures professional switch products for diversified markets including instrumentation, medical, communications, industrial automation, defense and transport. The APEM group supplies more than 20,000 customers worldwide.

Since its creation in 1952, APEM has become one of the leading worldwide manufacturers of man-machine interfaces. The group is present in 11 countries and has a network of more than 130 distributors and agents on five continents. With production plants in Europe, North Africa, America and Asia, APEM achieves 67 % of its turnover from export markets.


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Apem IH Series Hall Effect Switches

Apem IH Series Hall Effect Switches are available in both a Switch version for repetitive jogging and a Linear version for variable speed drives. The IH Switch version (OFF-MOM) is designed for use in harsh environments where the switch is repeatedly activated and where load positioning is critical, such as in material handling applications, loaders, lifts, buckets, and shovels. The IH Linear version is ideal for industrial applications requiring motion and speed control. Both versions of the IH Series from Apem feature long life contactless switching of 5 million cycles, Hall Effect sensor technology, IP67 sealing, and low behind-panel depth.


Apem IR Series Sealed Momentary Pushbuttons

The Apem IR Series Sealed Momentary Pushbuttons are sealed to IP67 with 16mm diameter bushings. The IR Series are illuminated red, green, or non-illuminated, with a round actuator in black, red, green, or dark blue. The Apem IR Series Sealed Momentary Pushbuttons have numerous terminal options: solder lugs, flying leads, and screw (non-illuminated).


Apem IZ Series Rear-mounted Sealed Pushbuttons

The Apem IZ Series Rear-mounted Sealed Pushbuttons offer easier installation via the rear mount, and are available with fixed or variable panel thickness, illuminated or non-illuminated. The IZ Series features latching action metal models, IP67 sealing, and a flat actuator for optional marketing. The Apem IZ Series Rear-mounted Sealed Pushbuttons have a long life, 200,000 cycles, and operate from -40ºC to +85ºC.


APEM Keylock Switches

The Apem keylock switches feature a maximum current/voltage rating with resistive load of 4A 125VAC, 2A 250VAC. The switches have an electrical life of 6,000 cycles at full load, a maximum initial contact resistance of 20 mO, minimum insulation resistance of 109O, and a minimum dielectric strength of 2,000Vrms at sea level.