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ferroxcubeFERROXCUBE supplies one of the broadest ranges of high-quality, innovative ferrite cores. They place strong emphasis on miniaturization of magnetic functions. Ferrite components and accessories from FERROXCUBE are used in a wide range of applications in the digital electronics market, from telecommunications and computing to automotive.

Formerly a Philips Components company they now belong to the Yageo Corporation, one of the world's strongest suppliers of passive components. Ferroxcube, widely recognized as a leading supplier of ferrite components, has manufacturing operations, sales offices, and customer service centers all over the world.
Products:Ferrites are an optimal solution for high frequency Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) suppression. Thanks to their high frequency stability provide a frequency increasing impedance that keeps the signal integrity while dissipates the noise.Ferroxcube offers a wide range of shapes and sizes for wound EMI filters, including rods, tubes, multihole cores and beads. Also available from Ferroxcube are PCB components and cable shields.

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