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fujisoku-logo Acquired by Nidec Copal Electronics
Fujisoku Corporation manufactures industrial switches, memory cards, and electronics measuring instruments. Its products include miniature, sub-miniature, dip slide/rotary/push button, trigger, thumb wheel, detect, and illuminated switches; SRAM, DRAM, and flush ROM cards; flat keyboard, applied personal computer, and other control units; and card connectors, reader/ writer and card peripheral equipments, high frequency power meters, signal generators, electric wave/radio communication systems, and test instruments. The company sells its products through its agents in Hong Kong, China, Korea, Singapore, Germany, the United States, Italy, the United Kingdom, Australia, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Taiwan. Fujisoku Corporation was formerly known as Fujisokuteiki Co., Ltd. and changed its name in April 1968. The company was founded in 1947 and is headquartered in Kawasaki-shi, Japan. As of October 31, 2006, Fujisoku Corporation operates as a subsidiary of Nidec Copal Electronics Corp.

· Surface Mount type Switches
· Illuminated type Switches
· Dip Switches
· Pushbutton Switches
· Toggle Switches
· Lever · Rocker Switches
· Dip Switches
· Slide Switches
· Rotary Switches
· Digital Switches
· Key Switches
· Trigger Switches
· Flat Keyboard Switches

. Pushbutton Switches
. Toggle Switches
. Lever . Rocker Switches
. Slide Switches
. Rotary Switches
. Digital Switches
. Trigger Switches
Toggle Switches
. Toggle Eight Switch Series
. Toggle Green Switch Series
. Toggle Lever . Rocker Switches
. Toggle Slide Switches
. Toggle Trigger Switches


  • Push Button Switches Push Button Switches
  • Rocker Switches Rocker Switches 
  • Toggle Switches Toggle Switches
  • Rotary Switches Rotary Switches
  • Tactile Switches Tactile Switches
  • Rotary Switches Rotary Switches
  • Key Switches Key Switches
  • Slide Switches Slide Switches
  • Push Button Caps Push Button Caps
  • Rotary Switch Knobs Rotary Switch Knobs