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 Unshielded MultipairSec_MultiCon_Unshld_thumb  Overall Shielded MultipairSec_MultiPair_OAS_thumb
 Each Pair Shielded MultipairSec_MultiPair_EPS_thumb  Zipcord/UnjacketedSec_Zipcord_thumb




Unlock Profit, Unlock Time: Reduce cost and installation time with Profusion™. The revolutionary technology joins individual lock power, door contact, card reader, and request to exit cables into a single convenient jacketless bundle. By eliminating the need for an overall jacket, Profusion™ Access Control cables reduce entry point wiring time up to 30% and material costs up to 16%.

Profusion™ technology provides several benefits that distinguish Genesis Series bundled cables from the rest:

• Remains unified – without binders, adhesives, or thick overall jackets. Profusion™ keeps cables clinging together around bends and obstructions, enabling smooth and snagless pulls

• Minimized Cold Weather Cracking. Profusion™ allows individual cables to naturally acclimate to temperature and humidity changes.

• No Electrical Performance Degradation. Traditional bundling methods subject cables to excessive stretching and tension, which severely diminishes performance. Profusion™ minimizes stress on cables so performance doesn’t suffer.

• Performance Tested AFTER Bundling.  Honeywell  tests  AFTER bundling to verify quality and strict adherence to industry standards. This is why we are able to offer a 100% guarantee on our bundled cables.



Honeywell WaveFLEX™ Jacket

Honeywell’s patent-pending new WaveFLEX™ jacketing makes cable easier than ever to strip—improving performance while reducing the likelihood of kinks and tearing braids or shielding. Incredibly flexible, the ridged jacketing makes termination a snap and is engineered to withstand the rigors of the most challenging installations while maintaining full UL specifications. The result? You’ll save time, money and move on to the next job more quickly. What could be more appealing than that?


Honeywell CURE Light HDMI Cable

Honeywell’s CURE Light HDMI Cable actively corrects capacitance issues by featuring a diagnostic system that allows the user to verify the proper 5V level, indicate proper Hot Plug detection and observe HDCP operation to assure it’s actively working. At a glance, you can observe the operation of these very important channels to determine the root cause of any failure.

CURE Light HDMI Cable – Brochure


Genesis Network Cable

Honeywell’s Genesis Series of Networking Cables are the main component of a communications
system and a key determinant to its performance. Genesis Series Cable strictly adheres to quality manufacturing and exceeding the requirements set forth by TIA/EIA category requirements. Type CM, CMR, CMP, MP, MPR, MPP


Genesis Coax Cable

Honeywell’s Genesis Series of broadband and digital coaxial cables are tested to the highest standards to assure the best performance in high-end home theater installations, incorporating HDTV and digital video. Honeywell also manufactures a wide variety of baseband coaxial cables for CCTV and other applications applications.


Genesis Fire Alarm Wire

Our Fire Alarm Cables are manufactured in a wide variety of gage sizes, shieldingconfigurations and jacketing materials including plenum, riser and general purpose. Genesis also manufactures fire alarm cables that meet the requirements of New York City Local Law 5 and New York State Toxicity requirements. Fire Power Limited Cable: Type FPL, FPLR, FPLP