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JAE Electronics

JAE Electronics is a top 10 global interconnect supplier and a recognized technology leader in fine pitch board to board, board to cable (including LVDS products), FPC (board-to-flex), memory card, input/output, circular, automotive/transportation and waterproof rated connectors.
JAE Electronics, Inc., designs, manufactures and markets electronic connectors and aerospace products. JAE Electronics' parent company, Japan Aviation Electronics Industries, Ltd. (JAE), is a globally oriented supplier of electronic components, fiber optic connectors, LCD monitor connectors, waterproof electrical connectors and other digital systems.

Our company is a recognized leader in providing solutions to complex design requirements. By combining divergent technologies from experience gained in the aerospace and automotive industries, JAE has been able to transfer these technologies into advanced connector designs with the most demanding applications in the industry.

JAE Electronics, Inc., designs, manufactures and markets electronic connectors and aerospace products. Wholly owned by Japan Aviation Electronics Industries, Ltd., Tokyo, Japan (JAE), JAE Electronics, Inc., was established in the United States in 1977. Since that time, JAE Electronics has increased its marketing efforts in the United States and has opened a manufacturing facility in Tualatin, Oregon.

Featured Products

Image of JAE's DZ02 Series Connectors

DZ02 Series Connectors

JAE's DZ02 series mini I/O connector has a 0.635 mm pitch, developed for industril apparatus applications

Image of JAE Electronics' WP6C Series Stacking Connectors

WP6C Series Stacking Connectors

JAE's WP6C series is a low-profile stacking type board-to-board (FPC) connector with 0.4 mm pitch spacing that is ideal for high-density mounting in slim information communication devices.

Image of JAE Electronics' USB Type-C Connector DX07 Series

USB Type-C™ Connector DX07 Series

JAE has launched the DX07 Series, plug and the receptacle connectors which are compatible with the next-generation USB Type-C™ specification.

Image of JAE Electronics' DX4 Waterproof USB Connector

DX4 Waterproof USB Connector

The DX4 Series features compatibility with the universal serial bus micro-USB cables and connectors specification

Image of JAE Electronics' DW Series Connectors

DW Series Connectors

JAE's DW series connectors are high-current connectors used to store electricity temporarily

Image of JAE Electronics' LED Lighting Internal Connectors

LED Lighting Internal Connectors

JAE's ES series (ES3, ES5, ES9, and ES10) connectors offer versatility in LED lighting designs