Crane Connectors


Mueller-logo Crane Connectors Inc. designs and manufactures PCB connectors for the electronics industry. The company's products include pin strip headers, board mount and chip carrier sockets, and programming jumpers. It offers its products online. The company was formerly known as Crane Electronics, Inc. and changed its name to Crane Connectors, Inc. in January, 1992.
Mueller acquired Crane Connectors.

With more than 100 years of successful market innovation in cables, connectors and clamps, Mueller Electric has its industry origins as the inventor of the "Alligator Clip", a must-have for testing requirements. The company has since expanded its product portfolio, both organically and via acquisition (i.e., J.S. Popper, Crane Connectors) into additional types of electrical testing clips, test leads, test accessories, board-to-board connectors, and custom cable assemblies.

Mueller Electric Company saltwater Alligator test clips are available in five unique styles, including a 5 amp elongated jaw copper (BU-34M); a 10 amp copper (BU-60M) version; a 50 amp mini battery (BU-46M) version; a 50 amp center spring general purpose (BU-27M) version; and a 100 amp heavy duty marine Alligator clip version, ideal for battery and test work. All standard clip models are available for immediate customer order, with delivery beginning in July 2014. Prices begin at just $2.00 USD. Customization options are available upon request. Please consult the factory for details.

Mueller Electric Company, Inc. is a global manufacturer and test leads, cables, clips, connectors, custom cable assemblies and test accessories for the electronic component, factory automation, and test & measurement markets.

Mueller Electric, the inventor of the "Alligator Clip", has been manufacturing basic cable lugs for its industry leading clips since 1908. Now Mueller also carries a full line of premium cable lugs at which can be purchased separately. Lug Sizes range from 8 AWG x 3/8" all the way to 4/0 AWG x 1/2" and both RoHS compliant Tin plated as well as bare copper models are available.

There are four main differences between basic cable lugs and a premium cable lugs:

Premium cable lugs are up to two times thicker than basic cable lugs. This means they are stronger and will last longer in heavy duty applications
Basic cable lugs have a mid-plane cable center line. This means that the center of the cable is in the same plane as the mounting lug. Premium cable lugs have an offset cable center line to allow them to be mounted on flat surfaces without bending.
Premium cable lugs have a flared edge which aids in cable insertion. Most basic cable lugs do not. The flared edge makes a huge difference when inserting tight fitting cables.
Premium cable lugs have rounded corners while most basic cable lugs do not. The rounded corners make assembly quicker and easier, because sharp corners can get caught when working in confined areas.
With more than 100 years of successful market innovation in alligator clips, cables, connectors and test accessories, Mueller Electric is a name you can count on. The company is continuing to grow and is expanding its product portfolio.