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21PCT120C4-GR Details / Availability

21PCT120C4-GR Summary: 21PCT120C4-GR from Ledtronics is 21PCT120C4-GR LEDtronics LED

Ledtronics-21PCT.jpg Part Number:  21PCT120C4-GR
Description :  21PCT120C4-GR LEDtronics LED
Manufacturer: Ledtronics
Quantity Avail:  rfq
Price: Request for Quote


- Since 1983 LEDtronics has been the leader in designing and manufacturing environmentally friendly low power usage, long life LED bulbs and LED lamps as direct replace to incandescent bulbs. Whether it be LEDtronics' based LED bulbs, or low cost snap-in and relampable panel mount LED lamps, high intensity sunlight visible discrete LED's, PCB mount LED indicators, SMT LED's, full spectrum RGB LED's or UV and Infrared LED's, LEDtronics has them all.

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21PCT120C4-GR Ledtronics 21pct120c4-gr ledtronics led
21PCT120T4GG Ledtronics 21pct120t4gg ledtronics led
21PCT120T5H-RG Ledtronics 21pct120t5h-rg ledtronics led
21PCT170T5N-YG-140 Ledtronics 21pct170t5n-yg-140 ledtronics led
21PCT200TW4-RG X-3C Ledtronics 21pct200tw4-rg x-3c ledtronics led
21PCT170T4-GX Ledtronics 21pct170t4-gx ledtronics led
21PCT200T4-RY Ledtronics 21pct200t4-ry ledtronics led
21PCT200T4GG Ledtronics 21pct200t4gg ledtronics led
21PCT120T4YX Ledtronics 21pct120t4yx ledtronics led
21PCT120T4YY Ledtronics 21pct120t4yy ledtronics led
21PCT120T4YG Ledtronics 21pct120t4yg ledtronics led
21PCT120T4-YY-135 Ledtronics 21pct120t4-yy-135 ledtronics led
21PCT120T4-G G Ledtronics 21pct120t4-g g ledtronics led
21PCT170TWYG4B Ledtronics 21pct170twyg4b ledtronics led
21PCT120TG4-140 Ledtronics 21pct120tg4-140 ledtronics led
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21PCT110T4-OY Ledtronics 21pct110t4-oy ledtronics led
21PCT110T4-GY Ledtronics 21pct110t4-gy ledtronics led
21PCT110T4-YG Ledtronics 21pct110t4-yg ledtronics led
21PCT110T4-RG Ledtronics 21pct110t4-rg ledtronics led
21PCT110T4-GG Ledtronics 21pct110t4-gg ledtronics led
21PCT110T4GY Ledtronics 21pct110t4gy ledtronics led
21PCT110T4RG Ledtronics 21pct110t4rg ledtronics led
21PCT170T4-0001 Ledtronics 21pct170t4-0001 ledtronics t1 (3mm) bi-level
21PCT170T4-00 Ledtronics 21pct170t4-00 ledtronics t1(3mm) rt. angle bi-level
21PCT110TWYG4B-140 Ledtronics 21pct110twyg4b-140 ledtronics yellow/green bi
21PCT110TG4 Ledtronics led 3mm grnx2 diff std ra w/hou
21PCT170C5-G/X Ledtronics led 3mm grn clr sb w/hou ra
21PCT170T4-X/TWGR4B Ledtronics led 3mm red diff wht std ra w/hou
21PCT200TWRG4B Ledtronics led 5mm redx1 grnx1 diff wht std ra w/hou

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