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CR16-560-JK Summary: CR16-560-JK from ASJ is CR16-560-JK ASJ RC0603 56R 5% 0.1W TK100 RoHS

electronic components Part Number:  CR16-560-JK
Part Description:  CR16-560-JK by ASJ is an electronic component, CR16-560-JK ASJ RC0603 56R 5% 0.1W TK100 RoHS
Manufacturer:  ASJ
Quantity Avail:  590000
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- Headquartered in Singapore, ASJ offers a comprehensive portfolio of resistors manufactured to meet the highest quality and technical standards. Equipped with an excellent global logistics network, ASJ delivers to a wide range of customers in various market segments.

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CR16-153-JL ASJ cr16-153-jl asj resistor15kohms 5% smd 0603 rohs
CR16-475-JF ASJ asj cr16-475-jf resistor thick film 4.7m ohms 5%smt
CR16-104-JL ASJ cr16-104-jl asj resistor100kohms 5% 1/4w smt 0603 rohs
CR16-562-JL ASJ cr16-562-jl asj thick film resistor 5.6k ohms 5%1/16w smd 0603 rohs
CR16-102-JL ASJ cr16-102-jl asj resistor1kohms 5% 1/4w smt 0603rohs
CR16-473-JL ASJ cr16-473-jl asj resistor thick film 4.7k ohms 5%1/16w smd 0603 rohs
CR16-000-ZF ASJ resistor 0r 5% 1/10w 0603 rohs
CR16-101-JL ASJ resistor 100r 5% 1/10w 0603 rohs
CR16-151-JK ASJ resistor 150 5% 1/10w 0603 rohs
CR16-2R2-JL ASJ resistor 2r2 5% 1/10w 0603 rohs
CR16-R010-FL ASJ Resistors cr16-r010-fl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r01 ohm f - 1% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R030-FL ASJ Resistors cr16-r030-fl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r03 ohm f - 1% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R040-FL ASJ Resistors cr16-r040-fl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r04 ohm f - 1% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R050-FL ASJ Resistors cr16-r050-fl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r05 ohm f - 1% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R100-FL ASJ Resistors cr16-r100-fl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r1 ohm f - 1% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R100-JL ASJ Resistors cr16-r100-jl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r1 ohm j - 5% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R120-JL ASJ Resistors cr16-r120-jl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r12 ohm j - 5% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R150-FL ASJ Resistors cr16-r150-fl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r15 ohm f - 1% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R150-JL ASJ Resistors cr16-r150-jl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r15 ohm j - 5% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R160-JL ASJ Resistors cr16-r160-jl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r16 ohm j - 5% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R180-JL ASJ Resistors cr16-r180-jl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r18 ohm j - 5% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R200-FL ASJ Resistors cr16-r200-fl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r2 ohm f - 1% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R200-JL ASJ Resistors cr16-r200-jl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r2 ohm j - 5% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R220-FL ASJ Resistors cr16-r220-fl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r22 ohm f - 1% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R220-JL ASJ Resistors cr16-r220-jl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r22 ohm j - 5% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R240-JL ASJ Resistors cr16-r240-jl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r24 ohm j - 5% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R270-FL ASJ Resistors cr16-r270-fl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r27 ohm f - 1% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R270-JL ASJ Resistors cr16-r270-jl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r27 ohm j - 5% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R300-FL ASJ Resistors cr16-r300-fl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r3 ohm f - 1% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R300-JL ASJ Resistors cr16-r300-jl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r3 ohm j - 5% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R330-FL ASJ Resistors cr16-r330-fl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r33 ohm f - 1% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R330-JL ASJ Resistors cr16-r330-jl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r33 ohm j - 5% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R360-FL ASJ Resistors cr16-r360-fl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r36 ohm f - 1% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R390-JL ASJ Resistors cr16-r390-jl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r39 ohm j - 5% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R470-FL ASJ Resistors cr16-r470-fl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r47 ohm f - 1% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R470-JL ASJ Resistors cr16-r470-jl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r47 ohm j - 5% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R499-FL ASJ Resistors cr16-r499-fl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r499 ohm f - 1% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R500-FL ASJ Resistors cr16-r500-fl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r5 ohm f - 1% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R500-JL ASJ Resistors cr16-r500-jl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r5 ohm j - 5% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R510-FL ASJ Resistors cr16-r510-fl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r51 ohm f - 1% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R510-JL ASJ Resistors cr16-r510-jl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r51 ohm j - 5% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R560-FL ASJ Resistors cr16-r560-fl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r56 ohm f - 1% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R560-JL ASJ Resistors cr16-r560-jl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r56 ohm j - 5% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R620-FL ASJ Resistors cr16-r620-fl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r62 ohm f - 1% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R680-FL ASJ Resistors cr16-r680-fl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r68 ohm f - 1% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R680-JL ASJ Resistors cr16-r680-jl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r68 ohm j - 5% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R750-FL ASJ Resistors cr16-r750-fl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r75 ohm f - 1% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R750-JL ASJ Resistors cr16-r750-jl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r75 ohm j - 5% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R820-FL ASJ Resistors cr16-r820-fl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r82 ohm f - 1% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-R820-JL ASJ Resistors cr16-r820-jl asj milli ohm thick film chip resistor value: r82 ohm j - 5% based on spec 1/10w smd 0603 (1608)
CR16-3652-FL ASJ cr16-3652-fl asj resistor chip 36.5kohm-1%-0603-1/16w-asj
CR16-393-JL ASJ cr16-393-jl asj resistor39kohms 5% 1/4w smt 0603rohs
CR16-1002-FL ASJ asj 10k 1% 100mw 50v thick film resistor 0603 (asj cr16-1002-fl)
CR16-5600-FL smd-resistor 560r/ 01w/1%/50v/0603
CR16-5101-FK smd-resistor 0603 15r 1% 0.1w
CR16-5101-FK smd-resistor 0603 15r 1% 0.1w
CR16-163FV Hokuriku resistor 1.6 x 0.8mm 16kohm 1% 0.1w(1/10w) 100ppm/c molded smd paper t/r
CR16-101FV Hokuriku resistor 1.6 x 0.8mm 100ohm 1% 0.1w(1/10w) 100ppm/c molded smd paper t/r
CR16-164FV Hokuriku resistor 1.6 x 0.8mm 160kohm 1% 0.1w(1/10w) 100ppm/c molded smd paper t/r
CR16-202-JL ASJ cr16-202-jl asj resistor chip 2k ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-3303-FL ASJ cr16-3303-fl asj resistor chip 330k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-332-JL ASJ cr16-332-jl asj resistor chip 3k3 ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-2702-FL ASJ cr16-2702-fl asj resistor chip 27k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-2002-FL ASJ cr16-2002-fl asj resistor chip 20 kohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-330-JL ASJ cr16-330-jl asj resistor chip 33 ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-102-JL ASJ cr16-102-jl asj resistor chip 1k ohm-5%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-5602-FL ASJ cr16-5602-fl asj resistor chip 56k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-182-JL ASJ cr16-182-jl asj resistor chip 1.8k ohm-5%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-000-ZL ASJ cr16-000-zl asj resistor chip zero ohm-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-334-JL ASJ cr16-334-jl asj resistor chip 330k ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-820-JL ASJ cr16-820-jl asj resistor chip 82e-ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-122-JL ASJ cr16-122-jl asj resistor chip 1.2k ohm-5%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-562-JL ASJ cr16-562-jl asj resistor chip 5.6k ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-4752-FL ASJ cr16-4752-fl asj resistor chip 47.5k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-331-JL ASJ cr16-331-jl asj resistor chip 330 ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-4991-FL ASJ cr16-4991-fl asj resistor chip 4.99k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-1602-FL ASJ cr16-1602-fl asj resistor chip 16k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-513-JL ASJ cr16-513-jl asj resistor chip 51k ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-2212-FL ASJ cr16-2212-fl asj resistor chip 22k1 ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-3R60-FL ASJ cr16-3r60-fl asj r-chip 3.6 ohm 1% 0603 1/10w
CR16-243-JL ASJ cr16-243-jl asj resistor chip 24k ohm-5%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-471-JL ASJ cr16-471-jl asj resistor chip 470 ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-392-JL ASJ cr16-392-jl asj resistor chip 3.9k ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-2402-FL ASJ cr16-2402-fl asj resistor chip 24k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-2322-FL ASJ cr16-2322-fl asj resistor chip 23.2k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-0000-FL ASJ cr16-0000-fl asj resistor chip 0 ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-1604-FL ASJ cr16-1604-fl asj resistor chip 1.6 mohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-362-JL ASJ cr16-362-jl asj resistor chip 3.6k ohm-5%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-1102-FL ASJ cr16-1102-fl asj resistor chip 11k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-474-JL ASJ cr16-474-jl asj resistor chip 470k ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-1503-FL ASJ cr16-1503-fl asj resistor chip 150k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w--asj
CR16-512-JL ASJ cr16-512-jl asj resistor chip 5.1k ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-1692-FL ASJ cr16-1692-fl asj resistor chip 0603-16.9k-1%-asj
CR16-364-JL ASJ cr16-364-jl asj resistor chip 360k ohm-5%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-8200-FL ASJ cr16-8200-fl asj chip resistor 820e 0603 1%
CR16-6202-FL ASJ cr16-6202-fl asj resistor chip 62 kohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-5102-FL ASJ cr16-5102-fl asj resistor chip 51k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-303-JL ASJ cr16-303-jl asj resistor chip 30k ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-3901-FL ASJ cr16-3901-fl asj resistor chip 3.9k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-3300-FL ASJ cr16-3300-fl asj resistor chip 330 ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-7502-FL ASJ cr16-7502-fl asj chip resistor 0603 75k ohm 1%
CR16-2152-FL ASJ cr16-2152-fl asj resistor chip 21.5k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-47R5-FL ASJ cr16-47r5-fl asj resistor chip 47.5 ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-3481-FL ASJ cr16-3481-fl asj resistor chip 3.48kohm-1% 1/10w 0603 -asj
CR16-9101-FL ASJ cr16-9101-fl asj resistor chip 9.1k ohm-0603-asj
CR16-1691-FL ASJ cr16-1691-fl asj resistor chip 1.69k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-5601-FL ASJ cr16-5601-fl asj resistor chip 5.6k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-305-JL ASJ cr16-305-jl asj resistor chip 3m ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-1201-FL ASJ cr16-1201-fl asj resistor chip 1.2k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-2000-FL ASJ cr16-2000-fl asj resistor chip 200 ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-5100-FL ASJ cr16-5100-fl asj resistor chip 510 ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-2400-FL ASJ cr16-2400-fl asj resistor chip 240ohm 0603-asj
CR16-1782-FL ASJ cr16-1782-fl asj smd-resistor 0603tcr100sp554 1%17k8 0 1w
CR16-4020-FL ASJ cr16-4020-fl asj resistor chip 402r- 0.1w 1% 0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-1272-FL ASJ cr16-1272-fl asj resistor tf 12.7k 1% 1/10w r0603(1831516)
CR16-1372-FL ASJ cr16-1372-fl asj resistor tf 13.7k 1% 1/10w r0603(1830940)
CR16-30R1-FL ASJ cr16-30r1-fl asj resistor smd 30.1ohms 1% 0603 2a~1/10w
CR16-222-JL ASJ cr16-222-jl asj thick film resistor 2.2kohms 5% smd 0603 rohs
CR16-200-JL ASJ cr16-200-jl asj thick film resistor 20 ohms 5% 1/10w smd 0805 rohs
CR16-472-JL ASJ cr16-472-jl asj resistor4.7k ohms 5% smd 0603 rohs
CR16-39RFF ASJ asj cr16-39r2ff
CR16-1003-FL ASJ cr16-1003-fl asj resistor chip 100k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-2491-FL ASJ cr16-2491-fl asj chip reg-2.49k-1%- 0603
CR16-475-JL ASJ cr16-475-jl asj chip_res_4.7m_5%_1/10w_0603
CR16-752-JL ASJ cr16-752-jl asj chip_res_7.5k_5%_1/10w_0603
CR16-2672-FL ASJ cr16-2672-fl asj chip_res_26.7k_1%_1/10w_0603
CR16-1103-FL ASJ cr16-1103-fl asj resistor 110k 1/10w 1% 0603
CR16-3091-FL ASJ cr16-3091-fl asj resistor chip 30.9k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w
CR16-750-JL ASJ cr16-750-jl asj resistor 75e 1/10w 5% 0603
CR16-680-JL ASJ cr16-680-jl asj resistor chip 68 ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-104-JL ASJ cr16-104-jl asj resistor chip 100k ohm-5%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-1002-BL ASJ cr16-1002-bl asj resistor chip 10 ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-2151-FL ASJ cr16-2151-fl asj resistor chip 2.15 k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-7151-FL ASJ cr16-7151-fl asj resistor chip 7.15k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-8061-FL ASJ cr16-8061-fl asj resistor chip 8.06 k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-4022-FL ASJ cr16-4022-fl asj resistor chip 40.2k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-5R90-FL ASJ cr16-5r90-fl asj resistor chip 510r-1%-0603-0.1w-asj
CR16-2002-BL ASJ cr16-2002-bl asj resistor chip 20 kohm-0.1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-333-JL ASJ cr16-333-jl asj resistor 33k 1/10w 5% 0603
CR16-7152-FL ASJ cr16-7152-fl asj r-chip 71.5 kohm 1% 0603
CR16-1052-FL ASJ cr16-1052-fl asj resistor chip 10.5k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-1803-FL ASJ cr16-1803-fl asj resistor chip 180k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-393-JL ASJ cr16-393-jl asj c-chip-39k ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-225-JL ASJ cr16-225-jl asj resistor chip 2.2m ohm-5%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-2204-FL ASJ cr16-2204-fl asj resistor chip 2.2 mohm-1%-0603-0.1w -asj
CR16-150-JL ASJ cr16-150-jl asj resistor chip 15 ohm-5%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-1R0-JL ASJ cr16-1r0-jl asj resistor chip 1 ohm-5%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-4023-FL ASJ cr16-4023-fl asj resistor chip 402k-0.1w-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-564-JL ASJ cr16-564-jl asj resistor chip 560k ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-183-JL ASJ cr16-183-jl asj resistor chip 18k ohm-5%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-823-JL ASJ cr16-823-jl asj r-82k 0603 5% 1/10w asj
CR16-511-JL ASJ cr16-511-jl asj resistor chip 510 ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-6813-FL ASJ cr16-6813-fl asj r-chip 681k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-473-JL ASJ cr16-473-jl asj resistor chip 47k ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-1302-FL ASJ cr16-1302-fl asj resistor chip 13k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-244-JL ASJ cr16-244-jl asj r-chip 240k 5% 0603
CR16-200-JL ASJ cr16-200-jl asj resistor chip 20 ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-470-JL ASJ cr16-470-jl asj resistor chip 47 ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-2871-FL ASJ cr16-2871-fl asj resistor chip 2.87k ohms-1/10w-1%-0603-asj
CR16-4701-FL ASJ cr16-4701-fl asj resistor chip 4.7k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-154-JL ASJ cr16-154-jl asj resistor chip 150k ohm-5%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-203-JL ASJ cr16-203-jl asj resistor chip 20k ohm-5%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-4751-FL ASJ cr16-4751-fl asj resistor chip 4.75k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-10R0-FL ASJ cr16-10r0-fl asj chip resistor 0603 10r ohm 1%
CR16-2001-FL ASJ cr16-2001-fl asj resistor chip 2k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-5361-FL ASJ cr16-5361-fl asj r-chip 5.36k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-3301-FL ASJ cr16-3301-fl asj resistor chip 3.3k ohm-1%-asj
CR16-100-JL ASJ cr16-100-jl asj resistor chip 10 ohm-5%-0603-1/16w-asj
CR16-61R9-FL ASJ cr16-61r9-fl asj resistor chip 61.9 ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-123-JL ASJ cr16-123-jl asj resistor chip 12k ohm-5%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-302-JL ASJ cr16-302-jl asj resistor chip 3k ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-754-JL ASJ cr16-754-jl asj chip resistor 750k 0603 0.1w 5%
CR16-2262-FL ASJ cr16-2262-fl asj chip_res_22.6k_1%_1/10w_0603
CR16-101-JL ASJ cr16-101-jl asj resistor chip 100 ohm-5%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-7501-FL ASJ cr16-7501-fl asj resistor chip 7.5k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-1873-FL ASJ cr16-1873-fl asj resistor chip 187k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w
CR16-1R30-FL ASJ cr16-1r30-fl asj r chip 1.3 ohm 1% 0603-asj
CR16-103-JL ASJ cr16-103-jl asj resistor chip 10k ohm-5%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-510-JL ASJ cr16-510-jl asj resistor chip 51 ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-222-JL ASJ cr16-222-jl asj resistor chip 2.2k ohm-5%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-9100-FL ASJ cr16-9100-fl asj resistor chip 910 ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-5902-FL ASJ cr16-5902-fl asj resistor chip 59k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-822-JL ASJ cr16-822-jl asj resistor chip 8.2k ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-333-JL ASJ cr16-333-jl asj resistor 33k 1/10w 5% 0603
CR16-6802-FL ASJ cr16-6802-fl asj resistor chip 68k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-1004-FL ASJ cr16-1004-fl asj resistor chip 1m ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-3002-FL ASJ cr16-3002-fl asj resistor chip 30k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-47R0-FL ASJ cr16-47r0-fl asj resistor chip 47 ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-3011-FL ASJ cr16-3011-fl asj resistor chip 3.01k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-681-JL ASJ cr16-681-jl asj resistor chip 680 ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-1203-FL ASJ cr16-1203-fl asj resistor chip 120k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-1301-FL ASJ cr16-1301-fl asj resistor chip 1.3k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-153-JL ASJ cr16-153-jl asj resistor chip 15k ohm-5%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-363-JL ASJ cr16-363-jl asj resistor chip 36 kohm-5%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-4021-FL ASJ cr16-4021-fl asj r-chip 4.02k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-1212-FL ASJ cr16-1212-fl asj resistor chip 12.1k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-5110-FL ASJ cr16-5110-fl asj resistor chip 511 ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-5112-FL ASJ cr16-5112-fl asj resistor chip 51.1k ohm-0603-1%-asj
CR16-1432-FL ASJ cr16-1432-fl asj resistor chip 14.3 kohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-8251-FL ASJ cr16-8251-fl asj smd-resistor 0603 tcr100 1% 8k25 0~1w
CR16-1211-FL ASJ cr16-1211-fl asj resistor chip 1.21k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-1300-FL ASJ cr16-1300-fl asj smd-resistor 0603tcr100sp554 1%130r00 0~
CR16-1621-FL ASJ cr16-1621-fl asj smd-resistor 0603 tcr100 1% 1k62 0 1w
CR16-2R2-JL ASJ cr16-2r2-jl asj resistor chip 2.2 ohm-5%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-1202-FL ASJ cr16-1202-fl asj resistor chip 12k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-1000-FL ASJ cr16-1000-fl asj resistor chip 100 ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-33R0-FL ASJ cr16-33r0-fl asj resistor chip 33 ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-7503-FL ASJ cr16-7503-fl asj smd resistor 750k 1% 0603
CR16-181-JL ASJ cr16-181-jl asj resistor chip 180 ohm-5%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-753-JL ASJ cr16-753-jl asj resistor chip 75 kohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-1600-FL ASJ cr16-1600-fl asj resistor 160e 1% 100mw 0603 package
CR16-242-JL ASJ cr16-242-jl asj resistor chip 2.4 kohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-4642-FL ASJ cr16-4642-fl asj resistor chip 46.4k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-1501-FL ASJ cr16-1501-fl asj resistor chip 1.5k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-3163-FL ASJ cr16-3163-fl asj resistor chip 316k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-274-JL ASJ cr16-274-jl asj resistor chip 270k ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-623-JL ASJ cr16-623-jl asj resistor chip 62 kohm-5%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-1005-FL ASJ cr16-1005-fl asj resistor chip 10m ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-8201-FL ASJ cr16-8201-fl asj resistor chip 8.2k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-2701-FL ASJ cr16-2701-fl asj resistor chip 2.7k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-2940-FL ASJ cr16-2940-fl asj resistor chip 294 ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-1072-FL ASJ cr16-1072-fl asj resistor chip 10.7k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-124-JL ASJ cr16-124-jl asj resistor chip 120k-5%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-563-JL ASJ cr16-563-jl asj resistor 56k 5% smd rc0603 1/10w
CR16-682-JL ASJ cr16-682-jl asj resistor chip 6k8 ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-433-JL ASJ cr16-433-jl asj resistor chip 43k ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-271-JL ASJ cr16-271-jl asj resistor chip 270 ohm-5%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-5232-FL ASJ cr16-5232-fl asj resistor chip 52.3k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w
CR16-5603-FL ASJ cr16-5603-fl asj resistor chip 560k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w
CR16-3241-FL ASJ cr16-3241-fl asj resistor chip 3.24 k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-205-JL ASJ cr16-205-jl asj r-2m 0603 5% 1/10w-asj
CR16-6801-FL ASJ cr16-6801-fl asj resistor chip 6.8k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-3000-FL ASJ cr16-3000-fl asj resistor chip 300 ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-5362-FL ASJ cr16-5362-fl asj resistor chip 53.6k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-300-JL ASJ cr16-300-jl asj r-30r 0603 5% 1/10w-asj
CR16-624-JL ASJ cr16-624-jl asj resistor chip 620k ohm-5%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-9311-FL ASJ cr16-9311-fl asj resistor chip 9.31k ohm-0603-1%-asj
CR16-2493-FL ASJ cr16-2493-fl asj 249 k ohm 1% 0603
CR16-4300-FL ASJ cr16-4300-fl asj r-chip 430 ohm 1% 0603
CR16-220-JL ASJ cr16-220-jl asj resistor chip 22 ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-4301-FL ASJ cr16-4301-fl asj resistor chip 4k3 ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-3162-FL ASJ cr16-3162-fl asj resistor chip 31k6 ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-3601-FL ASJ cr16-3601-fl asj resistor chip 3k6 ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-8062-FL ASJ cr16-8062-fl asj 0603 80.6k ohm 1%
CR16-22R1-FL ASJ cr16-22r1-fl asj resistor chip 22.1 ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-3320-FL ASJ cr16-3320-fl asj resistor chip 332ohm-1%-0603-0.1w-asj
CR16-4992-BL ASJ cr16-4992-bl asj r chip 49k2 ohm 0.1% 0603 - asj
CR16-5R10-FL ASJ cr16-5r10-fl asj resistor chip 5.1ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-914-JL ASJ cr16-914-jl asj resistor chip 910k ohm-5%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-2490-FL ASJ cr16-2490-fl asj resistor chip 249 ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-134-JL ASJ cr16-134-jl asj resistor chip 130k ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-560-JL ASJ cr16-560-jl asj resistor chip 56ohm-5%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-2741-FL ASJ cr16-2741-fl asj smd-resistor 0603 tcr100 1% 2k74 0 1w
CR16-1502-FL ASJ cr16-1502-fl asj resistor chip 15k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-5101-FL ASJ cr16-5101-fl asj resistor chip 5.1k ohm-1/10w-1%-0603-asj
CR16-472-JL ASJ cr16-472-jl asj resistor chip 4.7k ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-2R20-FL ASJ cr16-2r20-fl asj resistor chip 2.2 ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-106-JL ASJ cr16-106-jl asj resistor chip 10m ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-913-JL ASJ cr16-913-jl asj resistor chip 91k ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-4700-FL ASJ cr16-4700-fl asj resistor chip 470 ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-683-JL ASJ cr16-683-jl asj resistor chip 68k ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-3321-FL ASJ cr16-3321-fl asj r-chip 3.32kohm 1% 1/10w 0603 -asj
CR16-3001-FL ASJ cr16-3001-fl asj resistor chip 3k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w--asj
CR16-3302-FL ASJ cr16-3302-fl asj resistor chip 33kohm-1%-0603-2w-asj
CR16-2211-FL ASJ cr16-2211-fl asj resistor chip 2210 ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-201-JL ASJ cr16-201-jl asj resistor chip 200 ohm-0603-5%-1/10w-asj
CR16-183-JL ASJ cr16-183-jl asj resistor18kohms 5% smd 0603 rohs
CR16-303-JL ASJ cr16-303-jl asj thick film chip resistor 30kohms 5% smd 0603 rohs
CR16-560-JK ASJ cr16-560-jk asj rc0603 56r 5% 0.1w tk100 rohs
CR16-3303-FK ASJ cr16-3303-fk asj rc0603 330k 1% 0.1w tk100 rohs
CR16-2002-FK ASJ cr16-2002-fk asj rc0603 20k 1% 0.1w tk100 rohs
CR16-561-JK ASJ cr16-561-jk asj rc0603 560r 5% 0.1w tk100 rohs
CR16-3302-FK ASJ cr16-3302-fk asj rc0603 33k 1% 0.1w tk100 rohs
CR16-6800-FK ASJ cr16-6800-fk asj rc0603 680r 1% 0.1w tk100 rohs
CR16-3921-FK ASJ cr16-3921-fk asj rc0603 3.92k 1% 0.1w tk100 rohs
CR16-472-JK ASJ cr16-472-jk asj rc0603 4.7k 5% 0.1w tk100 rohs
CR16-222-JK ASJ cr16-222-jk asj rc0603 2.2k 5% 0.1w tk100 rohs
CR16-103-JK ASJ cr16-103-jk asj rc0603 10k 5% 0.1w tk100 rohs
CR16-331-JK ASJ cr16-331-jk asj rc0603 330r 5% 0.1w tk100 rohs
CR16-224-JK ASJ cr16-224-jk asj rc0603 220k 5% 0.1w tk100 rohs
CR16-1691-FK ASJ cr16-1691-fk asj rc0603 1.69k 1% 0.1w tk100 rohs
CR16-8202-FL ASJ cr16-8202-fl asj resistor chip 82k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-2202-FL ASJ cr16-2202-fl asj resistor chip 22k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-4702-FL ASJ cr16-4702-fl asj resistor chip 47k ohm-1/10w-1%-0603-asj
CR16-9102-FL ASJ cr16-9102-fl asj c-chip-91k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-184-JL ASJ cr16-184-jl asj resistor chip 180k ohm-5%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-4703-FL ASJ cr16-4703-fl asj resistor chip 470k ohm-0603-1%-asj
CR16-2203-FL ASJ cr16-2203-fl asj resistor chip 220k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-1001-FL ASJ cr16-1001-fl asj resistor chip 1k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-1802-FL ASJ cr16-1802-fl asj resistor chip 18k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-2003-FL ASJ cr16-2003-fl asj resistor chip 200k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-151-JL ASJ cr16-151-jl asj resistor chip 150 ohm-5%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-221-JL ASJ cr16-221-jl asj resistor chip 220 ohm-5%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-1002-FL ASJ cr16-1002-fl asj resistor chip 10k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-2700-FL ASJ cr16-2700-fl asj resistor chip 270 ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-8252-FL ASJ cr16-8252-fl asj chip reg-82.5k-1%- 0603
CR16-7150-FL ASJ cr16-7150-fl asj resistor chip 715 ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-7500-FL ASJ cr16-7500-fl asj resistor chip 750 ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-1304-FL ASJ cr16-1304-fl asj smd-resistor 0603tcr100sp554 1%1m30 0~1w
CR16-1401-FL ASJ cr16-1401-fl asj resistor chip 1.4k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-3650-FL ASJ cr16-3650-fl asj resistor chip 365 ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-6491-FL ASJ cr16-6491-fl asj resistor chip 6.49 kohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-2200-FL ASJ cr16-2200-fl asj resistor chip 220 ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-2552-FL ASJ cr16-2552-fl asj resistor chip 25.5k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-4220-FL ASJ cr16-4220-fl asj cr16-4220-fl
CR16-3322-FL ASJ cr16-3322-fl asj resistor chip 33.2k-0.1w 1% 0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-3482-FL ASJ cr16-3482-fl asj resistor chip 34.8 kohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-4222-FL ASJ cr16-4222-fl asj resistor chip 42.2k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-113-JL ASJ cr16-113-jl asj resistor chip 11k ohm- 5%-0603-asj
CR16-4704-FL ASJ cr16-4704-fl asj resistor chip 4.7m ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-15R0-FL ASJ cr16-15r0-fl asj resistor 15e 1/10w 1% 0603
CR16-2R0-JL ASJ cr16-2r0-jl asj resistor chip 2 ohm-5%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-4123-FL ASJ cr16-4123-fl asj resistor chip 412k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-22R0-FL ASJ cr16-22r0-fl asj resistor chip 22 ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-4990-FL ASJ cr16-4990-fl asj smd 499r 0603 1/10w 1%
CR16-3013-FL ASJ cr16-3013-fl asj resistor chip 301k ohms-1/10w-1%-0603-asj
CR16-59R0-FL ASJ cr16-59r0-fl asj resistor 59 ohm 1% 1/4w 0603 cr16-59r0-fl
CR16-1213-FL ASJ cr16-1213-fl asj 0603 121k ohm 1%
CR16-3012-FL ASJ cr16-3012-fl asj resistor chip 30.1k ohms-1/10w-1%-0603-asj
CR16-8663-FL ASJ cr16-8663-fl asj r-chip 866k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-5600-FL ASJ cr16-5600-fl asj resistor chip 560 ohm-0603-1%-asj
CR16-3900-FL ASJ cr16-3900-fl asj resistor chip 390 ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-1961-FL ASJ cr16-1961-fl asj resistor chip 1960 ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-152-JL ASJ cr16-152-jl asj resistor chip 1.5k ohm-5%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-6811-FL ASJ cr16-6811-fl asj resistor chip 6.81k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-1472-FL ASJ cr16-1472-fl asj resistor chip 14.7 kohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-60R4-FL ASJ cr16-60r4-fl asj resistor chip 60.4 ohm-1/10w-1%-0603-asj
CR16-1743-FL ASJ cr16-1743-fl asj resistor chip 174k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-821-JL ASJ cr16-821-jl asj resistor chip 820e-ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-3093-FL ASJ cr16-3093-fl asj resistor chip 309k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-6040-FL ASJ cr16-6040-fl asj resistor chip 604 ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-1800-FL ASJ cr16-1800-fl asj resistor chip 180 ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-3R30-FL ASJ cr16-3r30-fl asj resistor chip 3.3ohm-1% 1/10w 0603-asj
CR16-39R0-FL ASJ cr16-39r0-fl asj resistor chip 39 ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-8871-FL ASJ cr16-8871-fl asj resistor chip 8.87k ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-1182-FL ASJ cr16-1182-fl asj r chip 11.8kohm 1% 0.1w 0603 - asj
CR16-7871-FL ASJ cr16-7871-fl asj resistor chip 7871 ohm-1%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-272-JL ASJ cr16-272-jl asj resistor chip 2.7k ohm-5%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-2R10-FL ASJ cr16-2r10-fl asj resistor chip 2.1ohm-1% 1/4w 0603-asj
CR16-4872-FL ASJ cr16-4872-fl asj resistor chip 48.7kohm-1% 1/8w 0603-asj
CR16-9102-DL ASJ cr16-9102-dl asj r-chip 91k ohm 0.5% 0603-asj
CR16-1202-BL ASJ cr16-1202-bl asj r-chip 12k ohm 0.1% 0603-asj
CR16-1202-DL ASJ cr16-1202-dl asj r-chip 12k ohm 0.5% 0603-asj
CR16-3303-BL ASJ cr16-3303-bl asj r chip 330k ohm 0603 0.1% -asj
CR16-4702-BL ASJ cr16-4702-bl asj r-chip 47k ohm 0603 0.1% -asj
CR16-4702-DL ASJ cr16-4702-dl asj resistor chip 47k ohm 0603 0.5% -asj
CR16-9102-BL ASJ cr16-9102-bl asj r-chip 91k ohm 0.1% 0603-asj
CR16-1693-FL ASJ cr16-1693-fl asj resistor chip 169kohm-1% 1/10w 0603-asj
CR16-3303-DL ASJ cr16-3303-dl asj resistor chip 330k ohm 0603 0.5% -asj
CR16-2201-FL ASJ cr16-2201-fl asj resistor chip 2.2k ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-223-JL ASJ cr16-223-jl asj resistor chip 22k ohm-5%-0603-1/10w-asj
CR16-301-JL ASJ cr16-301-jl asj resistor chip 300 ohm-5%-0603-asj
CR16-3740-FL ASJ cr16-3740-fl asj resistor chip 374 ohm-1%-0603-asj
CR16-4530-FL ASJ cr16-4530-fl asj resistor smd 453ohms 1% 0.1w 0603

Disclaimer: Our inventory list is frequently updated. However, parts are committed on a first come first serve basis. To ensure that the parts are available, please contact us.

ISO 9001:2015 & AS9120 IBS Electronics distributes genuine ASJ  CR16-560-JK  cr16-560-jk asj rc0603 56r 5% 0.1w tk100 rohs. We currently maintain an inventory with a wide array of components. These include ICs, Discrete Components, Capacitors, Resistors, Connectors, Relays, Crystals, Ocillators, Inductors; as well as Mil-Spec, Industrial Grade, Commercial Grade, Hard-to-Find and Obsolete components. We also have the ability and industry connections to source globally.

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