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SQH3015S-470M-LF Details / Availability

SQH3015S-470M-LF Summary: SQH3015S-470M-LF from Coilmaster is SQH3015S-470M-LF Coilmaster Power Inductor 300mA 47uH 20% 1.608A SMD ROHS

coilmaster-SQH.jpg Part Number:  SQH3015S-470M-LF
Description :  SQH3015S-470M-LF Coilmaster Power Inductor 300mA 47uH 20% 1.608A SMD ROHS
Manufacturer: Coilmaster
Category: Inductors
Quantity Avail:  1000
Price: Request for Quote


- CoilMaster Co., Ltd is a leading SMD power inductor manufacturer with a corporate office and central R&D located in South Korea and has been a pioneer in developing small and yet very efficient power inductors.

Coilmaster's products are now widely used in everyday use consumer product such as smart phone, TV and note book computers. Coilmaster products are also AEC-Q200 qualified for automotive applications.

Coilmaster only builds products with coils and their focus will stay on making the best magnetic products to stay as a true industry leader.

Coilmaster's proven technology with our own unique production method have been recognized by many customers and are ready to provide support our customers with most reliable product and utmost attention.

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SQH3012S-2R2M-LF Coilmaster sqh3012s-2r2m-lf coilmaster power inductor 1.2a 2.2uh 20% 96ma smd rohs
SQH3012S-330M-LF Coilmaster sqh3012s-330m-lf coilmaster power inductor 330ma 33uh 20% 1.236a smd rohs
SQH3012S-3R3M-LF Coilmaster sqh3012s-3r3m-lf coilmaster power inductor 1.05a 3.3uh 20% 120ma smd rohs
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SQH3012S-6R8M-LF Coilmaster sqh3012s-6r8m-lf coilmaster power inductor 740ma 6.8uh 20% 228ma smd rohs
SQH3015S-150M-LF Coilmaster sqh3015s-150m-lf coilmaster power inductor 560ma 15uh 20% 432ma smd rohs
SQH3015S-1R0N-LF Coilmaster sqh3015s-1r0n-lf coilmaster power inductor 2.1a 1uh 30% 36ma smd rohs
SQH3015S-1R5N-LF Coilmaster sqh3015s-1r5n-lf coilmaster power inductor 1.82a 1.5uh 30% 48ma smd rohs
SQH3015S-220M-LF Coilmaster sqh3015s-220m-lf coilmaster power inductor 470ma 22uh 20% 624ma smd rohs
SQH3015S-2R2M-LF Coilmaster sqh3015s-2r2m-lf coilmaster power inductor 1.5a 2.2uh 20% 72ma smd rohs
SQH3015S-330M-LF Coilmaster sqh3015s-330m-lf coilmaster power inductor 370ma 33uh 20% 1.008a smd rohs
SQH3015S-3R3M-LF Coilmaster sqh3015s-3r3m-lf coilmaster power inductor 1.23a 3.3uh 20% 96ma smd rohs
SQH3015S-470M-LF Coilmaster sqh3015s-470m-lf coilmaster power inductor 300ma 47uh 20% 1.608a smd rohs
SQH3015S-4R7M-LF Coilmaster sqh3015s-4r7m-lf coilmaster power inductor 1.04a 4.7uh 20% 144ma smd rohs
SQH3015S-6R8M-LF Coilmaster sqh3015s-6r8m-lf coilmaster power inductor 880ma 6.8uh 20% 192ma smd rohs

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